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Bled, Island - The Church of the Assumption

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Above the surface of Bled Lake rises the only real island in Slovenia. In a glacier hollow there is what remains of an Ice Age limestone moraine covered with trees. The island probably had a special meaning already in prehistoric times and our famous poet Prešeren praised its Slavic sanctuary. One can come to the island by a special boat with a roof, called pletna. This boat, conducted by one rower with two oars, is known only in Bled. The other option is to rent your own boat.

On the platform at the peak of the island, there is an older medieval branch with Baroque alterations with a separate bell tower and a Baroque crown along with some secondary buildings . The office of the provost stood on the island already in the 17th century, the vicarage a hundred years later. The stone staircase with 99 stairs, which was formed in Baroque period on the south side of the island, is especially famous. The existing sanctuary with its wider nave and narrower presbytery, at that time vaulted in Gothic style, was consecrated in 1465. In the church fragments of frescoes with the scenes from Mary's life are preserved: the story of Joachim and Anne on the north wall, the scene of Mary's visitation and others from her adult life on the south side. Experts are certain that the softly painted images originated under the influence of graphic outlines out of the workshop of the Master Bolfgang around 1470. The main Baroque altar was carved in 1747. Three older altars (the altars of St. Sebastian, St. Magdalena, and St. Michael) are from the workshop of Mihael Cussa or Kuša, dating from 1699 and were erected after his death. Pictures on those altars are the work of artists of the Venetian school.

In the vestibule there is a smaller lapidary, where even the original relief with Hren's Cross from Ljubljana is preserved. In the flooring of the aisle there are openings with an archaeological presentation, designed by the architect Tone Bitenc and his co-workers in the fifties. The wishing bell is an interesting sight for visitors and has been tolling from the island since 1534. The staircase to the church was renovated upon the one thousandth anniversary of Bled.

In the 2012 the provost and caretaker's quarters were renovated. In the quarters the "Potičnica" and Sales gallery were arranged. In a stone oven they bake, this traditional Slovenian cake of many tastes, every day. In December "The potica days" are organized annualy.

From June 2013 the visit of the bell tower is possible, where the mechanic tower clock mechanism is seen and the view over the Bled lake. 

The church is regularly maintained and open.

Bled - island (360°)


GPS Northing (N) : 46,3624 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,0898 
Destination: Julian Alps
Place: Bled
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