Promotion and Information Material

The Mysterious Karst and Tourist Caves of Slovenia
In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the tourist organisations Postojnska jama d.d., the Škocjan Caves, the Lipica Stud Farm, all eleven municipalities from the regions of Brkini, Karst and Notranjska (Inner Carniola) and other tourist providers from this area, the Postojna Tourist Association has issued a publication entitled “The Mysterious KARST and Tourist Caves of Slovenia”, which is an important contribution to the quality tourist promotion of this part of Slovenia.

The editorials for the publication were written by two Slovenian academics, Dr. Andrej Kranjc and Dr. Matjaž Kmecl, the gastronomic addition is the work of Dr. Stanislav Renčelj and the remaining text was written by Tatjana Pregl Kobe. The publication was edited by Srečko Šajn and Lučka Letič and is enriched with many photographs taken by renowned photographers. Special value is also attributed to its central section, which provides information about the classic Karst and tourist caves of Slovenia over twenty pages. Furthermore, a detailed description of the seventeen most typical trips is provided, which will beckon you with their attractiveness; major events from this region are also presented.

The “Mysterious KARST and Tourist Caves of Slovenia” publication is the right guide for all major tour operators, tourist agencies, tourist representative offices abroad, delegations, major tourist organisations and the media. It was published in the A4 format and in six languages – Slovenian, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish – in the circulation of 60,000 copies.
Hiking in Slovenia
In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the “Hiking and Cycling” Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) has issued a revised catalogue entitled “Hiking in Slovenia”.

Its 64 pages describe the key trans-Slovenian trails, including the new Alpe Adria Trail, which runs from Grossglockner to Trieste. Hiking destinations are presented with two or three hiking trails each, all marked with QR codes for downloading information about the trails onto smart mobile phones. Several programme packages for several-day hikes along the key trails are presented, along with the complete hiking offer pertaining to the accommodation specialised for the members of the “Hiking and Cycling” EIG.

The catalogue was printed in A4 format in a circulation of 50,000 copies in 5 languages: German (10,000), Italian (7,000), French (5,000), English (20,000) and Slovenian (8,000).
Ski resorts in Slovenia
After several years, the Chamber of Mountain Centres and the Slovenian Association of Ski Lift Operators again issued the “Ski Resorts in Slovenia” catalogue, published in Slovene and with a total circulation of 5,000 copies. In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the catalogue was also prepared in foreign languages and issued in February this year, with a total circulation of 50,000 copies, i.e. in Croatian (10,000 copies), Serbian (10,000 copies), Russian (10,000 copies) and English (20,000 copies). The catalogue presents Slovenian ski resorts with a short description, panoramic maps and all relevant data.

There are 46 ski resorts presented that offer experiences of snowy delight each in their own way. Discover the novelties they have prepared, astounding event venues that you simply cannot miss and enjoy the several pleasures brought to you by a single ski pass. This presents the possibility to spend your free time at health-improving mountain centres in winter.

The catalogues are available at STO.

Travel Agent's Manual 2012
The Slovenian Tourism Board has published a handbook for tourist agencies entitled ‘Travel Agent's Manual 2012’, the content of which is intended for the expert public in the tourism industry. The manual was printed in a total of 17,000 copies, 8,000 of which are in English, 5,000 in German, 2,000 in Italian and another 2,000 in French. The manual was presented at the World Travel Market in London.

The manual gathers useful general information about Slovenia, highlights the key tourism products and includes a large number of contact information of service providers in tourism and tourist organisations that will be of assistance to foreign representatives of tourism industry in their search for business partners and easier implementation of travel to Slovenia. The content is enriched with green facts about Slovenia and green advice that will help us preserve a green Slovenia. The manual is printed on environmentally friendly paper. The selected events are complemented with a programme of events for the European Capital of Culture – Maribor 2012.

The publication is available in electronic form at the STB web portal:čilo-publikacij.htm?_ctg_publication_ordering=0&lng=1
2012 Private Accommodation Catalogue
The 2012 Private Accommodation Catalogue has now been published. The Catalogue presents providers of accommodation in apartments, tourist rooms, holiday homes, boarding houses, guesthouses, tourist farms, small hotels, vineyard cottages and providers of complementary tourist offer from across Slovenia.

The Private Accommodation Catalogue is published by the Institute “Hospitality of Slovenian Homes” (Zavod Gostoljubnost slovenskih domov or, in short, Zavod GSD) in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourism Board and is a rare form of joint promotion of all types of minor providers of tourist accommodation characterised by a personal relationship with the guest and the associated hospitality.

The Catalogue was published in five foreign languages at a circulation of 20,000 copies. For the sake of convenience, it has been published in A5 format for the second year in a row.

The Private Accommodation Catalogue is available in electronic form at the GSD Institute web site,, at the STB portal and at – an eTourist Booking Business System of small tourist accommodation providers.

Printed copies can be ordered and collected at the headquarters of the GSD Institute at the address Mala ulica 8 in Ljubljana, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or at the STB distribution centre at the address Brnčičeva 51, Ljubljana, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (contact person:
I feel Proud
The leaflet was published in 2011 upon the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence (1991-2011) as an invitation for all Slovenians living abroad and their friends, acquaintances and relatives to visit Slovenia. Slovenia, as an extremely small country, offers a remarkable amount, which is something to be proud of. Such is also the title of the leaflet – I FEEL PROUD. The leaflet presents basic information about Slovenia, information on accessibility, a touch of history and facts based on which Slovenia is worth visiting.

A total of 60,000 copies of the leaflet were printed, 20,000 of which in English, 10,000 in German, 10,000 in Italian, 10,000 in Russian and another 10,000 in Spanish.

The publication is available in electronic form at the STB web portal:čilo-publikacij.htm?_ctg_publication_ordering=0&lng=1
Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas
The Slovenian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Natural Health Resorts Association of Slovenia, reproduced the catalogue: Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas in an A4 format in 50,000 copies; 17,500 of them were in German, 17,500 in Italian, 5,000 in Croatian, 5,000 in Russian and 5,000 in English.

The catalogue includes information about 15 Slovenian health resorts and features general descriptions, information on accommodation, medical services and wellness services, opportunities for recreational activities and entertainment and additional offers. Those who like new discoveries can also find information on surrounding attractions.

The catalogue includes a transparent table with data on indications and natural therapeutic effects.

The publication is available in electronic form on the internet portal of the STO as well as on the internet portal SSNZ.
Friendly countryside
The Slovenian Tourist Farm Association, in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, has recently issued the 8th Slovenian tourist farms catalogue »FRIENDLY COUNTRYSIDE« with a total circulation of 85.000 copies, of which, 18.000 are in Slovene, 19.000 in German, 22.000 in English, 12.000 in Italian, 9.000 in French and 5.000 copies in Croatian. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, who provided indispensable technical assistance.

The 68 page catalogue lists 216 tourist farms, each represented with a photo and a short description of their offer. The last page also contains a list of an additional 177 tourist farms in Slovenia. This year, the catalogue received a new cover and is printed on environment-friendly paper. Once again, the catalogue was prepared in Croatian since there are numerous guests from Croatia who visit Slovenian tourist farms. It is important to note that new tourist farms showed a lot of interest to be included in the newest edition of the catalogue. Because of this interest, 40 new tourist farms are being presented for the first time in the catalogue, in addition to the 177 tourist farms already listed.

The publication is available in electronic format on the STO web page: in
Events in Slovenia 2011
This year, the Slovenian Tourist Board has also issued a 2011 calendar of events in foreign languages with a total circulation of 10,000 copies of which 4,000 are in English, 4,000 are in German and 2,000 are in the Italian language.

You can find a collection of the most interesting international events going on across Slovenia in one place, which will contribute to spending leisure time in a more adventurous and diverse way. We would like to invite all of our compatriots and their families living abroad to visit our events during the 20th Anniversary of Slovenian Independence. There will be many events organized during this occasion and events for the 2012 European Capital of Culture and Eurobasket 2013 are also anticipated.
Cycling information map of Slovenia
GIZ POHODNIŠTVO IN KOLESARJENJE (hiking and cycling commercial interest association) in cooperation with the SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD has published a cycling information map of Slovenia. At presentations of Slovenia abroad there is great demand for cycling maps and for general cycling information about Slovenia, so we devised the cycling information map of Slovenia, in the established road map scale of 1:270,000. The map aims to offer cycling tourists a comprehensive overview and basic information on what Slovenia has to offer cyclists, and to steer them to local information centres, where they can get detailed information and proper cycling maps.
The cycling routes shown on the map (and marked in their physical location) should provide tourists with a sufficiently clear picture of which areas of Slovenia offer the kind of infrastructure suited for cycling. The map also shows cycling routes suggested for the best tours around or through Slovenia. Along with other tourist infrastructure, the map highlights all the specialised cycling hotels and cycling campsites, cycling information centres and bicycle service centres (with a sign). The back page shows all the specialised hotels that are members of GIZ POHODNIŠTVO IN KOLESARJENJE and 17 cycling destinations. The cycling map has been published in 50,000 copies in Slovenian, English, German and Italian.

Nature parks in Slovenia
The Slovenian Tourist Board has published a guide to the Nature Parks of Slovenia, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, in order to promote protected areas. The total print run was 120,000 including editions 10.000 in Slovene, 50.000 in English, 30.000 in German, 10.000 in Italian, 10.000 in French and 10.000 in Spanish.
Get to know the special features and some of the secrets of Slovenia's nature parks. With over 40 pages, the guide provides potential visitors with information including park contact details, access information, descriptions of the parks' natural and cultural features and sights, opportunities to spend an active break, and information on events. The publication offers a detailed look at 14 nature parks, each of which offers its own version of relaxation and new experiences.
Please have a look at the publication, which you can order in printed form and pick up a copy from the Slovenian Tourist Board distribution centre at Litostrojska 60, Ljubljana (contact person: The publication is available in electronic form from the Ministry of the Environment website:   or the Slovenian Tourist Board portal:čilo-publikacij.htm? _ctg_publication_ordering=0&lng=1 .

Slovenian wine roads
The catalogue is published in an edition of 40,000 copies (20,000 in German and 20,000 in English). The project was a collaboration between the Slovenian Tourist Board and marketing and advertising company Preobrat. The catalogue covers all three of Slovenia's wine regions (Podravje, Posavje, Primorska) and their wine districts and offers a comprehensive overview of Slovenian winemaking. It presents the three wine regions and a total of 14 wine districts, along with their products, in a systematic manner. It contains technical details and information and is full of useful hints for visitors to individual wine districts. As well as connecting the products of Slovenia's winemakers to gastronomic specialities, it contains information on accommodation, local sights of interest, events and festivals, protected products etc. The aim of the publication is to promote Slovenian wines and everything connected with them on the basis of the fact that the finest wines come from Slovenia's wine regions. 
The publication includes contributions from the ethnologist Dr Janez Bogataj and the sommelier and wine expert Jože Rozman. The introduction is by well-known Austrian journalist and wine connoisseur Peter Lexe.

Discover experience and taste Slovenia's wine regions with all their unique and interesting features. The catalogue will introduce you to:
• Winegrowers and winemakers
• Overnight accommodation
• Gastronomic specialities
• Events connected to wine
• Selected restaurants
• Protected products
• Tourist information centres

The catalogue is also available online on the Slovenian Tourist Board website:

Slovenia General Catalogue
This publication is designed as a marketing tool for the overall presentation and promotion of Slovenia’s tourist services and facilities. The chapters are based around promising tourist products stemming from the Slovenian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2007-2011, setting out all the key destinations and specific products. Creating the catalogue image involved the cooperation of experts in individual fields as well as product managers, since the catalogue aims to provide credible and updated information in a user-friendly way.

The chapters present the following topics: cities and culture, the natural environment, sustainable tourism and village tourism, active holidays and rest, health and wellbeing, gastronomy, business tourism, entertainment tourism and services for two target groups – prestige tourism and young people. The catalogue places great emphasis on the internet as an extremely important distribution channel for marketing tourist services.

One of the key points of emphasis in this publication is sustainable tourism and an environment-friendly approach, something pointed out in the text by the “SLOVENIA GREEN” sign and facts.
The catalogue is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests, and in this way the Slovenian Tourist Board is continuing to fulfil its goals as part of the project to preserve green Slovenia.
The publication also includes a flap with a postcard that the user can tear off and use. It is published in a total print run of 150,000 copies in nine languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Slovenian. Together with the entirely updated Tourist Map of Slovenia, issued in November 2009, it represents a source of pooled information about Slovenia, providing a proper first impression of the country and pointing the way to individual product catalogues and websites.
Tourist Map
The Slovenian Tourist Board is publishing even more environment-friendly publications! The Tourist Map of Slovenia, in a scale of 1:450 000 and with updated content and design, has been published in a total print run of 200,000 copies in English, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Croatian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese and Czech.

The concept is based on five steps: FEEL SLOVENIA (the essential qualities of Slovenia), VISIT SLOVENIA (information on transport options to Slovenia), EXPERIENCE SLOVENIA (products: culture, nature, sports, health resorts, gastronomy, conference tourism, gaming), STAY IN SLOVENIA (information on accommodation) and REMEMBER SLOVENIA (contact data and websites, including the FB social network).

The content is enhanced with green facts about Slovenia and green tips that encourage sustainable tourism and common efforts to preserve green Slovenia. The tourist map is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests, and in this way the Slovenian Tourist Board is continuing to fulfil its goals as part of the SLOVENIA GREEN project.

Slovenian Istria
New brochure Slovenian Istria has been published by Slovenian Tourist Board and partners in total print run of 100.000 copies in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Slovenian language.

Explore the historical stories of medieval costal cities - Piran, Izola and Koper, find suggestions for daily trips around coutryside and enjoy the luxury of Portorož.

Furthermore a suplemet that offers contact information of accommodation facilities and other representatives of tourist offer is available.

Start to write the story of your own experience in Slovenian Istria.

Fly Fishing in Slovenia

Have you ever wanted to be alone with the nature. To be surrounded just by birds´ singing, breath of wind, murmur of the creek or silence of the lake surface. Are you curious about the life in the river pools and in lake depths?

Answers to this questions can be found in the new brochure Fly fishinh in Slovenia, published by the Slovenian Tourist Board and Fishing Association of Slovenia in total print run of 50.000 copies in English, German, Italian, French and Slovenian language.

Slovenia, your fly fishing destination in expecting you!
Cycling in Slovenia
All cycling information about Slovenia you need to know.

New edition of brochure Cycling in Slovenia has just been published by the Slovenian Tourist Board in coorperation with the cycling friendly destinations in Slovenia in total print run of 100.000 copies in English, German, Italian, French and Dutch language.

Brochure offers a wide range of information about cycling destinations, terrain suitability rating, tour profiles and cycling events all round the country. Furthermore standards for cycling hotel, additional tourist offer and cycling packages are represented.

Souvenirs of Slovenia
Back from our trips and holidays, we bring impressions, new knowledge and memories. Some also in tangible form. To put on a shelf, hang on a wall, eat or drink, put on and wear, read or listen, give as gifts to family and friends.

All such memories, also called as souvenirs are presented in new brochure Souvenirs of Slovenia, published by the Slovenian tourist board in total print run of 50.000 copies in English, German, Italian, French and Slovenian language.

If you require information about traditional tourist souvenirs, where to buy them, what are arts and crafts centres and which souvenirs - dedicated events to visit, Souvenirs of Slovenia is the best place to look at.
Camping in Slovenia
New edition of brochure Camping in Slovenia has just been published by the Slovenian Tourist Board in coorperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in total print run of 150.000 copies in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch and Slovenian language.

Camping in Slovenia offers a wide range of camping information at your finger tips. Camping is made easy for you with useful genaral and contact information about camping spots, destinations and camping activities in unspoilt scenery.

Just recently, brochure has been successfully introduced to the public at Vakantiebeurs 2009, The Netherlands. Now is available for all those who want to plan their own holidays, who spontaneously decide on a trip, and most important, who want to spend their holidays in clean and unspoiled nature.

Hiking in Slovenia
Brochure Hiking in Slovenia has been published by the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Hiking Slovenia Association in five languages in total print run of 100.000 copies.

In the brochure you can find detailed description of various trails across Slovenia and for your easier choice, maps and difficulty charts have been added. Hiking packages are included in this brochure to ensure the whole offer.

With the brochure in your hands and nothing to worry about you can go on exploring and tasting Slovenia!




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