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15 December 2006

Research among golfers on Slovenian golf courses

 In the summer months of 2006 research was performed among golfers on Slovenian golf courses, namely among Slovenian and foreign golfers. The research was performed by way of a field questionnaire. Its purpose was to analyse the socio-demographic characteristics of golfers on Slovenian golf courses, factors of ... moreless ...
14 November 2006

Research among cyclists on selected Slovenian cycling trails

From July to September 2006 research among cyclist took place at selected Slovenian cycling trails. The purpose of the research was to carry out an analysis of Slovenian and foreign cyclists, their socio-demographic characteristics, factors of influence and satisfaction during their visit to Slovenia, characteristics ... moreless ...
8 November 2006

Research among hikers in Slovenian mountain huts

For those whom the tourist hiker is an important target group, the data collected by the questionnaire which took place between 1st July and 20th September 2006 at selected Slovenian mountain huts, will certainly give them information which will help them in designing offers for this specific guest. The purpose ... moreless ...

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