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27 June 2016

News: Green, active and healthy summer in Slovenia

Slovenia is young, lively and optimistic. In 25 years of independence and hard work our green country has managed to create its own unique fairytale place in the heart of Europe. In these times when our planet is especially vulnerable in ... moreless ...
24 June 2016

Make new memories in green, active and healthy Slovenia

Twenty-five years ago, a new country was born at the crossroad of the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Karst plateau and the Pannonian plain. So much diversity in such a small area can only be connected through love. ... moreless ...
20 June 2016

News: 25 years of green, active and healthy Slovenia

Green, active and healthy Slovenia is celebrating 25 years of independence ! Enjoy the festive mood in one of the greenest countries in the world , where love connects the Alps and Mediterranean sea with Karst and Pannonia ... moreless ...
13 June 2016

News: Slovenia is getting ready for the summer

Visit green, active and healthy country, where you can enjoy therapeutic air from coastal saltpans and the freshness of the pristine forest in one breath. Why not spending a night in luxurious Hotel Slovenia in Portorož with a scent of ... moreless ...
3 June 2016

Dragon summer in Slovenia

Want to see where dragons are born? Visit green, active and healthy Slovenia. Go on an unforgettable ride in Postojna Cave, catch a fish in one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, or enjoy the unique beauty of Idrija lace art. In Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, you can visit the ... moreless ...
27 May 2016

Flower power call to Slovenia

Spring is fully awake in green, active and healthy Slovenia ! Visit the International Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj and enjoy the fresh alpine air at Velika planina, beneath which the new glamping Eko resort is still offering the best job in the world. Surround yourself with views ... moreless ...
24 May 2016

Fall in love with active Slovenia

Visiting Slovenia is a real adventure. This country, where the mighty Alps meet the Adriatic Sea, the green Pannonian Plains and the mysterious karst world, is entirely green and active all year round. It is as vibrant as its sources of natural thermal and mineral water, ... moreless ...
20 May 2016

Follow the rainbow to Slovenia

Looking for a fun adventure in Slovenia? Take your family to visit Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle . Not far from them, in the karst region, Škocjan Caves, Lipica and the Park of Military History in Pivka offer a unique experience. While on the Slovenian coastline, stop at the ... moreless ...
13 May 2016

Step into a blooming spring

Green, active and healthy Slovenia is blossoming with festivals and culinary delights. The warmer months have opened the season of drinking fountains, where you can refresh yourself with pure natural water. Join us on a carousel of spring festivals! Start with a Hiking Festival around Slovenia ... moreless ...
6 May 2016

Can you feel the spring in Slovenia?

For some, May is the most beautiful month of the year. Spend it in green, active and healthy Slovenia. Discover which Slovenian destinations inspired writers from Forbes magazine and why Slovenia is one of the best wine countries in the world. The Park of Military ... moreless ...

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