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Trnovsko-Banjška Plateau

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Whether you have decided to visit Banjšice for the first time or are already a frequent visitor to the plateau, you will have realised that up here everything is different.
Banjšice is a high karst plateau bounded to the north by the Idrijca, to the west by the emerald Soča and to the east by the valley of a river that no longer exists. Where today there are karst poljes, fields and the village of Grgar, there was once a lake which drained away who knows where. Banjšice, vast and diverse! No water anywhere except in rainwater tanks and in motion somewhere below the earth; little fields in sinkholes, houses on cleared land in the middle of forests, sometimes grouped together to form hamlets or villages.
This is an area where you can wander around aimlessly yet still be surprised by something: solitary farmhouses where the spirit of a former way of life is still alive, the large distances between habitations, a landscape like nowhere else.
Enough roads and countless tracks. It would be difficult to show you Banjšice on a one-day guided tour. The most beautiful impressions and memories will certainly remain with those who decide to discover Banjšice with a map in their hands, to visit the whole of the plateau, stop in the villages and eat at one of the village inns while talking to the locals. Whatever you do, your feeling when you leave the plateau will certainly not be one of indifference. Unspoilt nature, a wealth of fauna and friendly locals are just some of the things that will remain long in the memory and ensure that you will be happy to return here one day.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,062 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7045 
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