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505 m
Height above sea level
in the countryside
Podgorje is a clustered village at the foot of the Slavnik hill (1028 m) above the Prešnica – Rakitovec railway.

There are a few houses located outside the village centre near Brdce and by the railway station. Podgorje is the closest starting point for an ascent of Slavnik. The Debeli hrib, Zagorice, Zajezeri, Kojnik, Kosmačič and Golič hills stretch to the south. Near Zajezeri, there is a large hollow (Vodenjak) and there is a deep abyss (Vrženca) in Kojnik. In the past, the village was owned by various feudal families. Until the Austro-Venetian war in 1508-1516, it was part of the Rašpor Captaincy. For a longer time (from 1521), it was then under the feudal nobility of Socerb. The village was first burnt down during the Ottoman invasions in 1499 and then in the Uskok War in 1616 when it was owned by the Counts Petazzi from Trieste. The village recovered in the second half of the 17th century and developed in the centuries to follow by selling its products (wood, charcoal, milk and cheese) to Trieste, Koper and other littoral towns. The centre of the village is made up of homesteads arranged in several rows and connected by streets that create a colourful atmosphere with closed yards. A wonderful example of a preserved closed yard is Virbova domačija (the Virb Homestead), which was refurbished and expanded in the mid 19th century (1853). At the edge of the village is the so-called Polič Pillar from the late 15th century, which is one of the oldest wayside shrines in Slovenia: there is a statue of St. Anthony in the deep niche and the walls show the remains of frescoes depicting St. Peter and St. Paul. The parish church from the 18th century is dedicated to St. Saba and was renovated in the mid 19th century. On the left of the church entrance is a smaller tower with a flat tiled roof. During the Second World War, Podgorje was the main partisan stronghold on their way from Brkini to Slovenian Istria.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,528 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,9525 
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