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Dolnji Slaveči

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in the countryside
Healthy climate
Average summer temperature: 20 °C
Average winter temperature: -2,5 °C
Dolnji Slaveči is first mentioned in historical records in 1365 as Alsozcleneche and then in 1499 as Alsozaloche. This highly dispersed settlement extends for almost three kilometres along the valley of the Lukaj stream by the Motovilci-Kuzma road. The hamlets on the west ridge belonging to the settlement are: to the east of the road, Ažija, Kukojca and Ferkova Gasa; on the other side of the stream, Ungarov Breg, Vratušov Breg, Beli Breg and Olabe; and to the north, Reckova Graba and Šumarski Vrh. The soil by the Lukaj stream, which thanks to its deep channel rarely floods, is sandy. Elsewhere there is marl, clay or gravel soil. Wheat, corn and barley are grown in carefully tended fields on both slopes, with small meadows in between. At one time farmers used cows and horses to work the land, but this practice has long since died out. Fruit trees and vine trellises grow by the houses and there are also small vineyards and gardens. Mixed forest, for the most part privately owned, covers the ridge and the slopes and reaches far down towards the valley. The houses are of brick and generally well renovated. There are also many new houses. Houses made of beaten clay and plaster-covered wooden houses have disappeared, and only a few houses with thatched roofs still survive. Approximately 150 years ago an inn with a shop was built. The owner was a Jew called Piler. There was also a mill owned by Werner, another Jew. The entire complex was bought from them by Janez Forjanič and his wife Ana. Thirty-five years later their son Franc and his wife Sidonija inherited the inn and the shop, remaining their owners for 36 years. For the last 42 years, they have been run by a grandson, Franc, and his wife Marija. The mill was inherited by two sons, Ludvik and Kalman, and then by two grandchildren Marija and Herman. Today the mill is abandoned. The village community centre has served as a milk collection centre, storage space for firefighting equipment, a function room, meeting rooms, and so on. The first volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1935. The school in Dolnji Slaveči (opened in 1895) finally closed in 1968. The school buildings were sold to private investors.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,7941 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0697 
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