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East of Puconci is the village of Brezovci. A stream, known simply as the Brezovci stream, flows through the village before joining the Ledava. The birch tree (breza in Slovene) is the symbol of Brezovci and also lends its name to the village sports club. A new sports field was built in 1998 and is used for matches of various kinds. The hunting association has been caring for nature and protecting it for over 50 years. The hunting lodge stands in a fine location in a small grove in the midst of fields. Clay pigeon shooting competitions take place here. The village has two establishments for eating, drinking and socialising – Zadravec's and Šavel's. Then there is the Breza general store and Marko Slavič's shop for agricultural supplies and other material. The village population is roughly 80% Protestant and 20% Catholic. What was life like in Brezovci in the old days? At one time there were more people employed in agriculture. Conditions were different. People had more work. They ploughed with cows, while the better and richer farmers also had horses. Harvests were less plentiful and of poorer quality because less use was made of fertilisers and sprinklers. All the work was done by hand. Mowing, reaping, etc. Adverse weather was a frequent problem. Threshing corn was another difficult job. The village threshing machine operator was Vilmoš Temlin. Around 20 farm workers took part in threshing. The farmers' wives kept them well supplied with food. Often water was all they had to drink, because there was nothing else. There was a weekly market in the village, at which the women could buy everything they needed for the household. Sunday really was a day of rest. What about during the Second World War? In 1941 the Germans occupied Brezovci and the surrounding area. A fortnight later they surrendered to the Hungarians. The Hungarians introduced their own laws and language. Pupils at the school were taught in Hungarian. In 1945 the Red Army drove the Hungarians and Germans from Brezovci. The Russians converted the school and six of the larger farmhouses into hospitals to treat their wounded. The other Russian soldiers were billeted in practically every house in the village. Thirty-five Soviet soldiers were buried in Brezovci cemetery, before being removed to a common grave in the cemetery in Murska Sobota.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,7059 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1188 
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