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A clean environment and unspoilt nature are competitive advantages which are a condition both for the sustainable development of tourism in an individual country and for maintaining a quality way of life for its inhabitants. According to figures from the international tourism competitiveness survey, which included Slovenia and 144 other countries, Slovenia is already ranked an impressive 20th in terms of environmental sustainable development factors.

We at the Slovenian Tourist Board are well aware of the importance of protecting Slovenia's environment and nature for the development of sustainable tourism. Through the "Slovenia-Friendly Office - SLOVENIA GREEN" project we hope to encourage Slovenia's (tourism) industry and destinations not only to observe environmental protection regulations but also to develop environmental management and environmental standards (more information). By working together we will be better able to exploit the competitive advantages of Slovenian tourism, which are also reflected in the I FEEL SLOVENIA brand and in all our marketing activities.  
The "Slovenia-Friendly Office" project

Given that we spend more than a third of the day in the workplace, we should be aware that sometimes even our everyday office activities, along with certain bad habits that have crept into our everyday routine, can have a negative impact on the environment.
Since we care about the environment we live in, and since we realise that every action counts, we at the STB have decided to introduce some new elements and measures into our office activities to help reduce negative impacts on the environment and nature.
The "greening" of our offices is taking place as part of the "Slovenia-Friendly Office - SLOVENIA GREEN" project, which we have devised with the expert help of Eco Vitae. The aims of this long-term project will be achieved through short-term and long-term measures.

We have focused on the following environmental indicators and fields:
     - waste and material flow,
     - energy consumption,
     - water,
     - transport,
     - wellbeing.

Aims of the project
1. To reduce negative impacts on the environment and nature.
2. To reduce operating costs through energy-saving/green operation.
3. To become a green office model for the entire public administration, the business sector and households. 
4. To form the collective into an eco-team and increase employees' level of environmental education.

Progress of the Project

In February 2009 the external consultant (Eco Vitae) drew up a preliminary assessment of the situation, on the basis of which it prepared a report with proposed measures. An eco-team of employees was formed at the STB and began collaborating with the external consultant on the preparation and implementation of the project. This was followed by the preparation of a brochure containing detailed instructions and Golden Rules on how specific everyday office activities can be adapted in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. All STB employees were informed about the measures and proposals adopted.
Employees are encouraged to behave in a more environmentally friendly way in offices by stylish stickers specially designed to tie in with the I FEEL SLOVENIA brand.
Once the project has been running for a while, we will evaluate it by means of a new situation assessment, which will be compared with the preliminary assessment. On the basis of our findings we will decide whether to upgrade and/or change the project in order to introduce even more demanding goals and go even further with the "greening" of the STB offices.

The entire project ties in with the I FEEL SLOVENIA brand.

The project slogan is SLOVENIA GREEN

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