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Gravisi Barbabianca Palace

Gallusova street 2, Koper 6000 Koper
The triangular square Brolo in the strict centre of medieval Koper is an important part of the city. The area, which is arranged in the middle as a large cistern with two stone orifices in the shape of hewn Venetian capitals, is surrounded by palaces and churches.

Behind the cathedral is the mighty Brutti Palace from 1714, on the other side is Fontico and the church of St. Jacob (sv. Jakob), and on the south side is the Diocese Palace (Škofijska palača). On the south side, in the point of the triangular square, stands the three-storey Gravisi Barbabianca Palace. The owners of this older piece of architecture on this spot are not known. It obtained its present shape in the 18th century. By the street there is a symmetric façade, with the ground floor and its smaller windows and a representational first floor. The second floor has less decorated windows, and only the central part stands out, gradating to one floor higher and culminating in a triangular gable with volutes. An entrance with a chiselled portal is set in the central axis with the balustrade balcony and triforia (three-curve opening) forming the jutting roof. The decoration with somewhat more modest triforia is repeated one floor higher.

The arrangement of the interior spaces follows the exterior. Behind the entrance there is a spacious atrium and a passageway to the garden. The staircase on the left leads to a representational hall on the floor, where a fresco with Apollo on a chariot reigns on the ceiling (paintings by Giuseppe Gatteri, mid-19th century). The staircase was richly decorated with family portraits and stuccowork.

The paintings got swept away in the current of history. Two of three statues, which symbolised architecture, sculpture and paintings, have been preserved. There is a music school in the palace. The interior is accessible by appointment. 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,5473 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7312 
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