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The adventures and tours through Emona

Travel back in time to the Romans and feel Emona! At the Ljubljana Tourism, some interesting themed exhibitions and guided tours were organized to celebrate 2000th anniversary of Emona. Put on Roman attire and set out for new adventures in the light of flaming torches, accompanied by a legionary. Set sail along the Ljubljanica river and taste traditional Roman dishes. Take a Roman trip from Emona (Ljubljana) to Celeia (Celje) and Poetovia (Ptuj) or get into a real time machine!

This summer, Ljubljana invites you to experience Roman adventures! In the company of a legionary and a tourist guide, you can take a tour of Ljubljana`s streets, where the most beautiful remains of Emona have survived to the present day. Get to know the Roman culture and relive the old customs and the daily life of the residents of Emona in a street performance. The Emona Road is particularly nice if you take a torchlight evening tour. Experience a boat cruise along the Ljubljanica river by a tourist boat Barjanka, departing from the Dvorni trg pier. During the two-hour trip, you can try libum bread and propose a toast with mulsum wine. The Romans were said to offer libum bread to the gods, while mulsum was a white wine with honey, pepper, saffron, and orange peel.

Have you ever wanted to turn back the time and to get into a time machine? At the Ljubljana Castle, you can enjoy the unforgettable guided tour. The time machine will lead you through the six decisive periods that have marked the development of the Slovenian capital. At each of the six time stations, you will be met by a special guide with characteristic personality and a costume that is typical for the period he is representing.

The Roman legacy can also be discovered in a slightly different way. As part of the Via Slovenica, take a tour along the course of the forgotten Roman road from Emona – Celeia - Poetovia, which revives the stories of the Roman time. On the way to Celje, you will make a stopover at the Roman necropolis in Šempeter. In its archaeological park, you can see the most important and best preserved Roman vaults. After learning about the history of Celje and visiting the largest part of the Roman paved town road in Slovenia, preserved in a special archaeological site Celeia – A Town beneath the Town, you will continue towards Ptuj. Ptuj, one of the largest Roman cities, was mentioned by the Roman writers on numerous occasions, especially in connection with important events, dating back to the Vespasian`s election as emperor to the political activity of Numitor, grandfather of the last Western Roman emperor Romulus. These written records mark the beginning of the historic time of Ptuj, which around the year 103 became a self-governing unit Colonia Ulpia Traiana Poetovio, a powerful city with more than 40,000 citizens. For that reason, maintaining the thousand-year-old tradition is nowadays still a vital part of cultural activity in Ptuj. Every year in the second half of August, Roman games with more than thousand participants take place in the city. Also Mithraeum is to be found there. "Join the Empire and taste the sweetness of fame!" call the residents of Ptuj upon visitors. Following tastings of the local wine, which was first produced by the Romans, the tour will take you back to Emona (Ljubljana).



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