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Preparations for EuroBasket 2013 in full swing

The final countdown to the biggest European basketball event – EuroBasket 2013, to be held from 4 to 22 September in Ljubljana, Celje, Koper and Jesenice – has long begun. Ljubljana as well as other host towns will do their best to show the European basketball elite and their fans the beauties of the country, while numerous supporting activities that give the Championship a special charm and prove that Slovenia fully lives with the event are also in full swing. Let’s see what’s going on...

Meet Lipko, Official EuroBasket 2013 Mascot

The local organisation committee of EuroBasket 2013 would like to bring the event closer to all basketball fans and let them be able to participate; therefore, it invests a lot in interactive campaigns on the web. One of the first such campaigns was the selection of the official EuroBasket 2013 Mascot – the winner of the selection was Lipko, who received more than 50 per cent of the votes. Following, Lipko became the official EuroBasket 2013 Mascot.

The name ‘Lipko’ derives from the Slovenian word for linden tree, which symbolizes Slovenian good. The character of Lipko is youthful, lively and friendly and his appearance reflects the greenness and natural beauties of Slovenia.

Lipko is young, the same age as Slovenia; however, despite his 22 years of age, he is as wise as his ancestors who shaped the fate of Slovenia under the mighty linden trees. He lives in an old village under Smrekovec in Koroška Region, near a 500-year old Slovenian linden tree. The playful and likeable Lipko loves most to be among fans and likes those who can cheer the loudest best. With a linden tree leaf in his hair, his task is to share the common values of competitiveness and respect, game and socialising as well as a healthy attitude towards nature.

One of the key objectives of the Championship is the promotion of basketball and sports in general, especially in connection with a healthy way of life, starting with the youngest ones – for whom a special fairy tale about Lipko entitled Lipko in Košorok has been published. In cooperation with the Slovenian Book Agency, EP 2013, d.o.o. prepared a special tender for a fairy tale; three publishing houses with three authors applied to the tender, while a special committee selected the work of a recognized youth author Primož Suhodolčan. He has already shown his knowledge about basketball with a book Košarkar naj bo (He should become a basketball player) that received the recognition My Favorite Book four times in a row (from 1999 to 2002). The publishing house of the book is DZS, while the book will be available in the end of August.

You can follow Lipko tweets on @Lipko2013.

Sing an anthem and win tickets to see the EuroBasket 2013 games

A big campaign began weeks ago that was long awaited by all European basketball lovers; namely, the selection of the biggest fan choir in the world began on Facebook, lasting until 15 May. The campaign will provide an opportunity to one of the best participants to see the games of his/her team of choice during the first part of the Championship.

The task is an easy one – each participant must sing a short, 30 second long hymn, record him/herself, spread this recording among his/her friends and hope for the best for the draw that will be carried out among those who receive the most votes in the 24 participating countries. The campaign can be found on the Facebook profile EuroBasketa 2013.

Upload photographs and become a member of the team

Singing an anthem is not the only campaign going on before the largest sports event in the history of independent Slovenia. On, a selection of fan photographs from the previous championships, home games, courts or those in front of television sets will be carried out; in order to participate, the photo will have to contain at least one fan object (scarf, hat, shirt, flag, etc.). The main award is a day including an official photo session and training with the Slovenian national basketball team for the ten best individuals and one of their friends. They will also be able to enjoy the company of the Championship ambassadors; they will also be able to see the preparation games of Slovenia.

No drama without playing

The organisers of the Championship are aware of their social responsibility; therefore, they will organise several charity events, including the campaign `No Drama Without Playing,` which promotes reading, especially among youth. Within the framework of the campaign that was prepared by the EuroBasket 2013 Office, in cooperation with the Slovenian Book Agency, a special fairy tale about Lipko (Lipko and Košorok) will be prepared; moreover, the book will be available in all Slovenian bookstores with a 1 EUR discount if you show a EuroBasket 2013 ticket.

The Basketball Association of Slovenia and the Slovenian Book Agency have been cooperating for a long time, especially within the framework of the Reading and Moving campaign – for their efforts and achievements in the home league games of younger categories, young basketball players receive one of many popular Slovenian books.

Tickets are still available

All basketball fans who would like to see the EuroBasket 2013 can still purchase tickets for all phases of the event, with the exception of tickets to the first part, which will be sold later – the local organisation committee will announce the exact date soon. The prices of tickets for the second and third phase can be purchased from 4 to 180 EUR, which is the price for the best seats for the final game – there are only a couple of tickets left for the final and the evening semi-final game. The purchase of tickets is possible through the Eventim website.

All foreign fans who would like to reserve hotel accommodation, besides tickets, can go through the Palma tourist agency website, where the official EuroBasket 2013 tourist agency, Palma, is offering special packages for those who would like to stay in Slovenia for only a couple of days or those who would like to see the entire event, including a possible additional extension of their stay in Slovenia in order to discover more.

Follow the official EuroBasket 2013 website.



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