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2000 year old heritage of Roman Emona

Ljubljana and its surroundings hide numerous Roman ruins. In its day, the predecessor of Ljubljana, Emona, was an important military outpost. To mark 2,000 years of Emona – which will take place in 2014, an interesting experience for discovering the Roman heritage has been arranged in Ljubljana.

Guided Tours of Roman Emona

Visitors will discover the traces of the former Roman city of Emona, travel 2000 years back in time and get to know the life and habits of Emona citizens. Both, day and night tours are available. On the day tour, visitors dressed in Roman togas and accompanied by a tour guide, will discover the Roman remains on the streets, squares and houses of Ljubljana. The night tour may be a more original experience owing to the torches to light the way and the quiet night atmosphere.

Tours are available from 1 May to 30 September: day tours take place every Saturday at noon (starting point: iEmona), while night tours take place every Thursday at 8 p.m. (starting point: TIC Ljubljana, next to the Triple Bridge). Both tours are two hours in length.


Last autumn, the City Museum of Ljubljana located in Chopin Pass next to Kongresni trg, opened a modern museum display called iEmona, presenting the heritage of Emona discovered in the last batch of archaeological research of Kongresni trg. The impression of the 2000-year-old Roman colony is created by a scenic illuminated monument of the original Roman pavement. This is followed by the virtual Roman Road, where the movie entitled Colonia Iulia Emona (One day in Emona) is shown. For all who want to learn more: under the model of Emona, more information is kept about its origin, development, demise and later archaeological research. The tour is free of charge. Chopin Pass is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Renewed Archaeological Parks

The experience of Roman Ljubljana is rounded off with three renewed archaeological parks – the Roman Wall, the Emona House and the Early Christian Centre. The circular Emona Route that connects ten Ljubljana Roman monuments, each of them equipped with explanations, is another new feature. A map of Emona is also available to visitors, along with a special children`s guide, Emona from E to A, while one can enjoy easy access to auditory and visual information via QR codes on a smartphone.

Follow the events of the 2000 years of Emona at Visit Ljubljana.



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