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Notranjska Regional Park

Tabor 42 1380 Cerknica
++386 1 709 06 26
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Entering Notranjska Regional Park offers chance visitors a surprising view. Coming from a vast mixed forest, they suddenly find before them a wide plain, a true karst polje with a disappearing lake. To the southwest the park is bordered by the steep slopes of the Javorniki mountain range, which rises to more than 1,200 meters; to
the south a narrow ridge separates it from the Loški Potok valley; to the east rises the Bloke plateau; to the northeast are the warm slopes of Mount Slivnica; and the steep slopes of the Menišija plateau form its northern border.
210 km2

What the park offers you

Beekeeping Education Trail at Cerknica Lake. Starting point: Pretržje (between Dolenje Jezero and Otok) at the beehouse of the Beekeepers Association of Cerknica, circular trail, 250 meters (1 hour), 13 descriptive signs. The trail is easy and suitable for those with difficulty walking and can be enjoyed in every season.
Information: Beekeepers Association of Cerknica, Popkova 1, 1380 Cerknica; GSM: ++386 41 657 297
Rakov Škocjan Natural Science Education Trail
Mali (Small) natural bridge, ruins of Sv. Kancijan chapel at the Velika (Large) natural bridge; 3 km one-way trail (3 hours, 16 descriptive signs) + return to starting point (1 hour).
Information: Hotel Rakov Škocjan, 1380 Cerknica, Tel.: ++386 1 709 74 70, e-mail: and the Forest Service of Slovenia, Postojna Area Unit, Vojkova ulica 9, 6230 Postojna, Tel.: ++386 5 700 06 10
Menišija Natural Science Education Trail
Starting point: Dobec, circular trail, 3 km (3 hours), 9 descriptive signs.
Information: Menišija Tourist Association, Begunje 28, 1382 Begunje pri Cerknici; GSM: ++386 31 599 523

Access to the park
You can reach Notranjska Regional Park via the Ljubljana-Trieste expressway. Leave the expressway at the Unec exit. There are good bus connections from the Ljubljana direction, and the buses stop in all the villages along Cerknica Lake.
Train connections are also good. Get off in Rakek to visit the park. An advantage of the train is that you can bring your bicycle with you. The train station is a good starting point for a bicycle tour of Rakov Škocjan or Cerknica Lake.

Bicycle Trails in Notranjska Regional Park are well marked.
Information: Cerknica Tourist Information Center, Cesta 4. maja 51, 1380 Cerknica; Tel.: ++386 1 709 36 36, e-mail:

From October to April you can attend Natural Science lectures every third Thursday of the month. The lectures start at 19:00 at the Jože Udovic Library in Cerknica.

GPS Northing (N) : 45,7959 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,3624 
Destination: Karst
Place: Cerknica
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Administrator : RDO Postojnska jama - Zeleni Kras | ++386 5 72 12 249 |
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