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Slovenian thermal springs were first developed by the Romans, and Slovenian mineral waters were associated with health in courts all over Europe. The water was shown to have health benefits, and natural spas were developed near the waters. Highly trained professionals look after everyone in the spas, but at the same time you can also look after your own health and wellness. To help you, spas offer a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.

14 Slovenian natural spas

To feel Slovenia means to feel good. Slovenia's 14 certified natural spas offer a comprehensive view of health. As well as excellent medical services, they are also developing innovative forms of preventive and alternative programmes for health and beauty, self-confidence, relaxation and experiences that ...more


Slovenia's natural spas have centuries of thermalism traditions and experience of balneology, climatology and thalassotherapy. Each spa specialises in treating between 4 and 9 types of illness. Find out which spa is best for individual types of illness. ...more

Natural therapeutic factors

Slovenian mineral drinking waters with therapeutic effects have been known almost all over the world for a number of years. Radenska and Donat Mg are plentiful in spas. They also have springs of thermal-mineral water, aerosols for inhalation, therapeutic mud and mineral peloids, and peat. ...more

Health resort services

Slovenian spas welcome you to modern, well-organised hotels, while some also offer apartments, bungalows and camping. All spas have conference centres and saunas, while most also have beauty and fitness centres. Some spas also offer temporary childcare in crèches. ...more

Sport & Recreation

Slovenian spas are certainly not intended solely for dealing with health problems and preventive treatment, they also offer an excellent range of sporting and recreational activities. You can play tennis, golf and mini golf, bowls, you can run the fitness trail, cycle or ride horses. Spas are also excellent bases ...more

5 reasons to visit

In spas, thermal waters and beneficial climates uniquely combine the full diversity of Europe. Staff of spas know how to indulge modern health and wellness seekers. The effects of good water have been known for centuries. Every spa will surprise you with its story, and you can choose from a wide range. Spas are ...more


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Slovenska naravna zdravilišča


Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts


Slowenische Naturheilbäder und Thermen


La terme della Slovenia


Les stations thermales naturelles de Slovènie




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