Motivational outings

The range of motivational outings in Slovenia has increased considerably in recent years, with more and more company managers discovering the great potential of these outings for improving their business. Slovenia is the ideal country for motivational outings since these often include adrenaline-boosting extreme sports activities and various other activities that contribute to improving communication and knowing your employees. They also increase the capability to find a joint solution to unexpected situations. It is a well-known fact that the success of a company is also based on coordination.

Professionally-led personalised outings

Every company faces specific challenges in its business. This is why a motivational outing needs to be adapted to the needs and wishes of participants. This is one of the most important characteristics of motivational outings in Slovenia: consultation with participants to design a personalised, specially adapted programme.

Motivational outings in Slovenia are planned and run in collaboration with experienced professionals who know how people react in different situations and guide them accordingly.

Motivational outings in Slovenia are available all year round, while some agencies even offer several-day motivational trips.

Hints for the warmer part of the year

Late spring to early autumn is the ideal period for motivational outings involving white water experiences. Choose from the following activities on the rivers Soča and Sava:

- Rafting,
- Hydrospeed,
- Canyoning.
On quieter rivers such as the Kolpa and the Krka, you can choose:
- Kayaking,
- Canoeing.

On the coast or on one of Slovenia's lakes, you can take part in sailing or rowing competitions.

Also available:
- Visits to adrenaline parks,
- Wilderness survival programmes,
- Off-roading in 4WD vehicles,
- Parachuting,
- Climbing in the mountains.
Individual centres and agencies also offer many other, specific programmes.

Hints for the cooler part of the year

Plenty of options are available in the winter months, when the snow is on the ground. You can choose from:

- Night tobogganing or snowtubing,
- Snowshoeing,
- Dog sled ride,
- Snowrafting.

And much more. Other winter motivational outings are also available.

Hint for all seasons of the year

In recent years motivational outings which are actually underground adventures have been available in Slovenia's most famous karst cave – Postojna Cave.

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