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Ljubljana, Križanke - Knights of the Cross monastery (Križevniški samostan) and Summer Theatre

Trg francoske revolucije 1 1000 Ljubljana
The Knights of the Cross monastery stands by the southwest edge of the former fortified medieval nucleus of Ljubljana, above the New Square (Novi trg). It was built in the middle of the 13th century and redone in 1567. It was first mentioned in 1265. In the walls and lapidary, the stones, with their Gothic and Renaissance characteristics, testify to the medieval whole. The old elongated church was torn down in the 18th century and, according to plans by Domenico Rossi, a new, differently orientated central building was built (1714) with a waved Baroque roof and altars with exquisite paintings (Martin Altomonte, Anton Schoonjans).

The early Gothic relief with Mary on the throne was moved from the abandoned portal to Krakovo Chapel and later to the National Gallery. After World War II, the monastery complex was thoroughly renovated (1953-1956). The Summer Theatre and the School of Design were built, and the Knights' Hall and a restaurant (Plečnikov hram) were arranged. The architect Plečnik was especially dedicated to the arrangement of the courtyards (Hell Yard or Peklensko dvorišče, entrance yard with a lapidary, large yard) and edge terraces. The surrounding is arranged according to his ideas: walls with stone relics and memorial plaques, Graben with pavement and trees, Emonska Street with a children's playground, and the Square of the French Revolution (Trg francoske revolucije) with the Illyrian Column (1929). After Plečnik's death the renovation and arrangement of the theatre was continued by the architect Anton Bitenc, with Viktor Molk by his side. At the edge of a large courtyard, a memorial statue of a portrait of Plečnik's head was uncovered (Vladimira Bratuž) and later the portrait of Bitenc was added. Part of the premises of the School of Design was redone in 1990 (architect Matija Suhadolc).


GPS Northing (N) : 46,0469 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,5038 
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