Cycling destination

Slovenia has developed its own standards for defining specific areas as biking destinations. This makes it easier to decide which parts of the country to visit by bike.

Biking destinations give you:

- Well-signposted biking tours and trails
- Maps of biking tours and biking trails
- Dedicated accommodation for bikers (hotels, campsites and tourist farms)
- Biking guides
- Bike hire
- Bike repairs
- At least one bikers’ information point

14 biking tips

The biking destination standards have now been met by 14 areas in all parts of the country. Five of the biking destinations lie directly alongside Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav National Park. Two of the biking destinations are in Pohorje. Notranjska Biking Park is an intriguing biking destination. The coast is also a great area for biking. And don’t forget the wonderful destinations in the Idrija and Cerknica areas and in Koroška. The south-west of the country also offers interesting and scenic biking, as does the area around Moravske Toplice in the far north-east.

Biking packages

If you leave for one of the biking destinations and intend to stay for more than a day, look out for biking packages that offer dedicated accommodation for bikers.
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Cycling destination (14)

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