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Source of the Krka River and Krška jama Cave

++386 41 276 252 (TD Krka), ++386 31 766 555 (JK Krka)
The Krka is one of the most interesting karst rivers, and its 94 kilometers make it the longest river entirely in Slovenia. It springs from the Krška jama Cave at 268 meters above sea level and flows into the Sava River near Brežice. The Krka is particularly attractive for fishermen and kayakers. Krška jama, in which the Proteus Anguinus cave salamander lives, is 200 meters long, easily accessible, and illuminated. Krka Cave is a horizontal cave, more than 200m long and up to 30m wide. The cave ends with 30m long siphon lake. Regulary shaped rocks from the ceiling. The grounds are covered with rubble and large boulders heaping up all the way up to the ceiling. A visit to Poltarica Cave, which is partly (180m) illuminated with acetylene torches, is possible only with experienced cavers. There are numerous atalagmites and stalactites, siphon lakes, etc. 

TD Krka 
Krka 4 
Tel. : ++386 1 780 63 33 
Tel. 2 : ++386 41 276 252, 41 277 637 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,8897 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,7714 

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Place: Krka
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