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The mineral dravite

At Dobrova near Dravograd in the year 1883, the Austrian scientist Tschermak discovered a previously unknown brown coloured mineral of the tourmaline mineral group. He named the mineral 'dravit' because of its close proximity to the Drava River. Due to its worldwide rarity the magnesium tourmaline dravite was displayed in large collections around the world. The deposit of dravite at Dobrova near Dravograd is one of the most important in the world. It is a mineral which forms only in very special and rare circumstances. It arises in metamorphic mica slate. It forms on large or small granular rock in light to dark brown crystals with nicely developed prismatic and pyramid planes. They are rarely bigger than 2cm. The biggest and most beautiful dravite found was 10cm large. Dravite is considered a noble mineral. It cannot be confused with other brown minerals because of its trigonal shape, characteristic triangle at the end of the crystal and its high transparency. All brown tourmaline, are called dravite, no matter where they are located. An example of dravite is displayed in the entry hall of the Council Chambers.

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