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Dovžan gorge

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The Dovžan Gorge is situated a few kilometres northern from the Tržič settlement  in the heart of the Karavanke mountain range. Wild streams of the Tržiška Bistrica river have been excavating a deep gorge for centuries uncovering stones, that bear witness to a long and interesting geological history.
It is due to exceptional geological conditions and rich palaeontologic sites that the Dovžan Gorge became world-famous – first researchers discovered fossilized remains of life from once warm and shallow sea already at the end of the 19th century. The one-kilometre path uncovers various stones and fossils from the ancient times – Palaeozoic – among which special attention should be placed to the spherical porous Schwagerina carniolica and to a series of Brachiopoda, first found in the Dovžan Gorge. Various types of limestone, sandstone, breccia and conglomerate can be found along the path to the Exhibition- Educational Centre in the Dolina valley. There visitors can renew the information heard and seen already along the path itself.
The geological composition influences the extraordinary geomorphological image of the gorge being mainly characterized by steep limestone pyramids, also called »The Kušpegar's belfries« after the nearby Kušpegar farm on the eastern slope of the gorge. On the opposite bank there is an expressive »Borova peč«, from which enormous blocks of flint conglomerate trundled into the Tržiška Bistrica riverbed, whereas on those blocks a settlement »Na Jamah« sprung up. The Dovžan Gorge is in fact a typical gorge only where Tržiška Bistrica clips through folded layers of black pseudo- schwagerina limestones. At the end of the 19th century Baron Born ordered to build a tunnel which opened the hinterland of the Dovžan Gorge to the rest of the world. Before the tunnel was built the locals used to cross the river across a reed suspension bridge, often destroyed by deep water. That dangerous bridge was called »The Devil's Bridge«.
While visiting the Dovžan Gorge you can not miss the lush vegetation, owing its uniqueness and lushness to the heterogenous stone grounding. It is the flint conglomerate that offers specific conditions to the growth of the unique moss Ptilium crista castrensis in Slovenia.
The gorge has been a part of the locals’ lives for a long time. The settlements called Dolina and Jelendol are situated north of the gorge, whereas the Čadovlje settlement is situated at the entrance to the Dovžan Gorge. Here starts the view path along which visitors can visit one of rare still preserved typical Karavanke homes – »Jamenšnikova domačija« - they can see some basic natural characteristics of the area. At the periodical exhibition in »Jamenšnikova paštba«, former flax and fruit drying house, you can see how flax used to be produced.
Since 1988 the Dovžan Gorge has been protected as a natural monument.


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