Hints for the weekly exploration of Slovenian EDEN destinations

The Soča Valley with its famous emerald Soča River is located in the West, in the outskirts of Triglav National Park. Idrija, with its 500-year-old mining tradition can be found on the way from the Soča Valley towards Ljubljana, in the Idrijca River valley. The Solčavsko Region, with one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, Logarska Valley, and life as it once was can be found in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The Kolpa River enthrals with its magical landscape along the lazy Kolpa River and is located in the South-East of Slovenia, while Laško, a pleasant small town with its long spa and brewing tradition, can be found in the East. How should you experience them in a week?

Here are some hints about what to experience in all five destinations and how to connect them in one week (you can naturally adjust this to your own plans). Soon, the programme will be available as a package deal.

In all the destinations, you can choose between pleasant small accommodation facilities in a natural environment, away from the roads, noise and bustle. The local tourist organisations will advise you of which accommodation to choose and where you will be served local delicacies.

1 and 2
Soča Valley (you can enter the Soča Valley from Ljubljana through Kranjska Gora over the highest Slovenian mountain pass, Vršič, to Bovec and towards Kobarid and Tolmin):
  • Visit the interactive exhibition Peace Paths in Kobarid, walk on the Kolovrat with a panoramic view of Tolmin and Furlanija and see the outside museum of the 1st World War; you can also visit the Kobarid museum that comprehensively depicts the stories of the Soča Front.
  • In the heart of Triglav National Park, visit its Information Centre as well as the Trenta Museum and Alpine botanical garden Juliana.
  • Among the natural features, you will be thrilled with the Tolmin river beds (near Tolmin), while the River Soča springs are also a special experience.
  • Walk over the Napoleon bridge on the Nadiža River.
  • Culinary hint: choose one of the more hearty meals, try the Tolminc cheese made from cow's milk or Bovec cheese made from sheep's milk; also sample čompe, bovški krafi, kobariški štruklji and frika.
More information can be obtained at the local tourist organisation LTO Bovec.

Idrija (from Tolmin you can reach the pre-Alpine Slovenia and the Idrijca River valley in one hour)
  • Find the cave dwarf in the 500-year-old shaft (Antonijev rov).
  • Walk through the Idrija town centre and visit the lace shops.
  • Visit the 'kamšt', Scopoli memorial garden and walk from Rake to Divje jezero.
  • Visit Gewerkenegg castle and the Idrija Town Museum.
  • Become familiar with the lace-making tradition and try it yourself.
  • Culinary hint: definitely do not forget to taste the Idrijski žlikrofi, while foodies should go for an unforgettable slow-food dinner in Kendov dvorec.
More information can be obtained from the local tourist organisation Idrija Turizem.

Kolpa (from Idrija to Črnomelj in the South-West of Slovenia you will need about three hours)
  • Head for the guided adventure on the Kolpa River, swim in the river and go for a rafting adventure by renting a canoe.
  • Enjoy a relaxed picnic along the Kolpa River.
  • Culinary hint: try the belokranjska pogača, belokranjska povitica, the recognized Kočevje honey, kostelski želodec and grain sausage.
More information can be obtained at the local tourist organisation RIC Bela Krajina.

Laško (it will take around 2 hours from Metlika to Laško)
  • Visit Pivovarna Laško and try their famous Laško beer, as well as their thermal beer.
  • Visit the garden of honey plants in the Spa park and walk to Tabor castle.
  • Enjoy the thermal pleasures (in Thermana, one of the 15 Slovenian nature spas) and choose one of the unique honey or beer treatments.
  • Visit one of the local beekeepers.
  • Culinary hint: try the beer or honey menu, based on the local cuisine and tradition of the environment.
More information can be obtained from the local tourist organisation STIK Laško.

6 and 7
The Solčavsko Region (from Laško head along the Savinja Valley towards the Solčavsko Region – Logarska Valley, the drive takes around two hours)
  • Visit the Rinka Centre.
  • Drive on the Solčava Panoramic Trail to see the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the valleys below them, enjoy the sights and farms and taste metal water.
  • Take a relaxing walk on the nature-ethnographic trails in the Logarska Valley Landscape Park.
  • Feel the energy of water under the Palenk and Rinka waterfalls.
  • Visit one of the high-altitude farms and become familiar with life as it once was.
  • Become familiar with the bicka, autochthonous sheep from Jezersko-Solčava, and buy a wool product.
  • Culinary hint: beef and mushroom soup or sirnica (Solčavsko soup).
More information can be obtained from the local tourist organisation Rinka Centre.
In previous years six destinations of excellence were chosen in Slovenia: in 2008 The Soča Valley , in 2009 The Solčavsko region , in 2010 The Kolpa river , in 2011 Idrija, in 2013 Laško and in 2015 Brda

European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN Destinations in Slovenia are presented on tourist’s sites of www.slovenia.info portal:

EDEN 2008: The Soča Valley
EDEN 2009: The Solčavsko region
EDEN 2010: The Kolpa river
EDEN 2011: Idrija
EDEN 2013: Laško
EDEN 2015: Brda

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