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Path into the dwarves' land

Family Kragelnik in cooperation with TD Slovenj Gradec
Slovenj Gradec
041 644 749
The Path Into The Dwarves' Land connects the past with the present and reminds us of the creatures already mentioned by our ancestors. It is dedicated to the old, young and to children and has an educational, social and relaxation character.  The path leads along the roads and cart tracks of the settlement Gmajne and is linked to the Forest Teaching Path (Gozdna učna pot) Rahtelov vrh. The path originated in the year 2004 on the initiative of the Kragelnik family from Gmajna and with the cooperation of the Tourist Association Slovenj Gradec, the Cultural Association Ksaver-Meško Sele and Educational-protective Association Slovenj Gradec. It is marked by wooden informative hayracks, however, the path is marked even more extensively during an event that takes place every year in the month of October. The path is 6 km long and can be walked in 2 hours. 

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The annually-organised event takes place at the beginning of the month of October at Zagmajškov vrh on Rahtel, where children from kindergartens make dwarves' houses.  The next day the tour of Dwarves' Land is possible (houses, dwarves, fairies and fairy-tale creatures). Also food, drinks and live music are provided. The entrance fee for children is free. 

Family Kragelnik 
Gmajna 37 
Slovenj Gradec 
Tel. : ++386 2 883 17 23 

Tourist information office 
Glavni trg 24 
Slovenj Gradec 
Tel. : ++ 386 2 881 21 16 
Fax : ++ 386 2 881 21 17 
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Region: Koroška
Place: Gmajna
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