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Hiking trails on Sabotin

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Sabotin, which was separated from Sveta Gora by the Soča river and now stands alone and proud, offers the hiker much more than one might think when viewing the mountain from the valley below.

Sabotin is not just a mountain. It is a reminder and a caution. It calms and integrates. Sabotin is a Peace Park. Discover its turbulent history, its diverse vegetation, with Dinaric, Mediterranean, and Alpine flora, its legged and winged fauna. There are six paths leading up Sabotin. When you come to know the mountain from one direction, you will only know a small part of it. And so you will return to get to know it better, and find solace in its embrace again and again.

• Northern route: 4,4 km, 1 h 30 min

• Southern route: 3,4 km, 1 h 40 min (The northern and southern trails can be combined into a loop trail.)

• Corridor route: 1,4 km, 1 h

• Podsabotin route: 5,3 km, 1 h 50 min

• Briška route: 6 km, 1 h 45 min

• Šmaver route: 2,8 km, 1 h 10 min

• Theme trail through the cavern system and along the Sabotin ridge: 2 km, 1 h 30 min

Administrator : Turistična zveza TIC Nova Gorica | ++386 5 330 46 00 | | last modified: 29/06/2014

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