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Everything has already been written up in the guidebooks about Slovenia, and you can read learn about anything else on the web, all you have to do is find it, verify it, make reservations, call ahead, arrange transport, find the right restaurant … um, but why bother if someone else can do this for you? And while they are doing that, they can also give you information and experiences you certainly won’t read about anywhere else?
Guided tours in Slovenia offer you a worry-free and relaxed experiencing of natural and cultural attractions.

Slovenian travel agents

Slovenia offers a wide range of guided tours and events: these include tours of cities and individual attractions, where there is no permanent local guide, and excursions to the countryside and to less frequented but no less fascinating locations. There are also guided excursions offered to various sports events or culinary experiences.
You can find out more about what individual programmes offer at the local tourist information centres.

Foreign agencies specialising in Slovenia

There are also guides from a number of foreign tour operators specialising in Slovenia that can take you around this country. Check out if there is such an agency in your country.


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