Green Slovenia

Almost 60% of Slovenia is forest, the third-highest level in Europe. Forestation has been increasing in recent decades, as over 1,200,000 trees are planted each year. More than a third of the land is protected, and included in Europe’s Natura 2000 network, which protects biodiversity. Slovenia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Green tourist accommodation

Are you one of the growing number of people who care about the environmental impact your holiday will have? Then stay in one of Slovenia’s certified ecological hotels or ecological tourist farms. ...more

Green models

Slovenia is a land of wonderful unspoilt nature, and is determinedly developing green and responsible tourism. It aims to safeguard the natural environment for future generations by endeavouring to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. Evidence of this policy come from the EDEN awards received, the daisy ...more

Organic tourist farms

Ecological tourist farms offer a healthy living environment and certified organic food. ...more

Nature parks

Nature parks are areas where nature conservation is at its highest, and cover over 10% of Slovenia’s land. The parks offer something extra for visitors to the country. They offer peace, relaxation, the experience of unspoilt nature and countless nature-related pastimes. Slovenia offers an exceptional mosaic of ...more


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