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Slovenia’s inns, or gostilne
, represent the best of the best in local cuisine. Many of them are family businesses, some with a tradition going back a hundred years or more, so you can expect a warm, hospitable welcome and service. In the wealth of dishes on offer, you can always find at least three dishes that are typical of the area or region. A good choice is usually to have previously prepared local dishes made with healthy eating in mind. Check out our selection of inns and you will want to make this a regular thing.
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Gostilnas and restaurants by regions (735)
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Central Slovenia

MapGuest House Pri poku,  Brezovica pri Ljubljani

MapEurobasket 2013 Vegov hram,  Dolsko

MapGostišče Šraj,  Hudo

MapGostlina Mili vrh,  Kamnik

MapGostilna in prenočišča Stari Tišler **,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Jelen,  Ljubljana

MapHotel Pri Mraku***,  Ljubljana

MapKmečki hram,  Ljubljana

MapPortal***,  Ljubljana

MapPrenočišča Fluxus,  Ljubljana

MapPri Katrci,  Ljubljana

MapŽibert**,  Ljubljana

MapNa pajčni Restaurant and Inn,  Male Rebrce

MapGuest House Bajc,  Sinja Gorica

MapCelestina Restaurant and Inn,  Sopota

MapRestaurant - Gostilna Pri gamsu,  Stahovica

MapGostišče Mesec,  Zaplana Del

MapGostišče Kimovec,  Zgornji Hotič

MapBistra Inn,  Bistra

MapGostilna Kavčič,  Brezovica pri Ljubljani

MapGostilna Pustov Mlin,  Cerovica

MapGostilna s prenočišči Vegov hram,  Dolsko

MapGostilna Burica,  Dragomelj

MapKavčič Inn and Butcher Shop,  Drenov Grič

MapKramarjev hram,  Gabrje

Map,  Golo Brdo

MapGostilna Slavkov dom,  Golo Brdo

MapGostilna Krpan,  Grosuplje

MapGostilna Repanšek,  Homec

MapGostilna Turk,  Hotedršica

MapTuristična kmetija Lukati,  Imenje

MapMesec Inn,  Jerinov Grič

MapGostilna Mlakar,  Kamnik

MapGostilna pri Vovku,  Kamnik

MapHut/Field sports centre Kraljev hrib,  Kamnik

MapMajolka Restaurant Cafe Gallery,  Kamnik

MapMili Vrh Inn,  Kamnik

MapPri Podkvi Bistro and cafe,  Kamnik

MapRepnik gostilna in penzion,  Kamnik

MapGostilna pri Mari,  Kamnik pod Krimom

MapGostilna Zgornji Kirn,  Kamnik pod Krimom

MapInn Čubr,  Križ

MapGostilna Strah,  Lavrica

MapEmonska klet,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Brinovc,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Kovač,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Ledinek,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Livada,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Mencigar Nobile,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Pečarič,  Ljubljana

showed 1-50 from 735


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