Some hills in Slovenia have single-track downhill trails for mountain bikers. In some places you have to hire a local guide to use these trails.

Fun parks

If you have a downhill or freeride mountain bike and want to boost your adrenaline levels doing stunts, mountain bike parks are available in several locations around Slovenia. You reach the top of a slope via aerial lift and on your way down into the valley you can go over numerous obstacles such as ladders, jumps and bridges. Some consider Slovenia's mountain bike parks to be among the most attractive and exciting in Europe. Most of them are built on the edge of ski slopes.

Polishing up your technique

In some cycling parks you can take part in courses or hire a personal instructor who will help you improve your cycling technique.

Prevent injuries

If you enjoy high speeds, downhill mountain biking can be dangerous, and so for your own safety we recommend the use of suitable protective equipment such as a special helmet and shoulder and knee protectors; and be careful when you set off up hill and down dale.
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