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Slovenia is a country of extraordinary diversity, yet there are a number of common features that connect specific areas into the whole. For hints on what part of Slovenia to visit and what you can see and experience there, take a look at some tourist destinations.

Julian Alps

A view of the Soča and the upper Sava river valleys spreads below Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain. Lying between the two rivers is Triglav National Park , which protects numerous endemic animal and plant species in a region of high rocky mountains, deeply cut river gorges, high-mountain karst shafts, and attractive low mountains as well as the traditions of the once difficult ...more

Maribor - Pohorje

Colour your day ! Maribor, the capital of the region of Štajerska, is the second largest city in the country but at the same time it is nicely small and green. Its lively throb, superior culture and events, rich wine tradition and the oldest vine in the world, numerous possibilities for entertainment, relaxation and exercise in nature, as well as its reputation of relaxed openness and ...more

Istria Slovenia

The Slovene coast which measures 46.6 kilometres is covered with abundant vegetation. Here is a natural reserve with a rich supply of marl and sandstone and the unique Strunjan cliff which ascends 80 metres above the sea and is the highest flysch wall on the Adriatic coast. Here are the Sečovlje saltworks , first mentioned in the 13th century. Due to their extremely abundant natural and ...more


The Karst is the land between the Trieste Bay and the Vipavska Valley and at the same time it is also the name for all the amazing shapes created by waters in the fusible stone. Picturesque karst phenomena can be found in almost half of the area of Slovenia. Besides more than eight thousand known karst caves and potholes, there are also karst springs and intermittent springs, disappearing lakes, ...more

EDEN 2015: Brda

BRDA-LAND OF INVIGORATING MOMENTS Welcome to the sunny and sweet side of the world! The gentle hills of Brda in southwest Slovenia are dotted with romantic villages, green vineyards, olive trees and orchards. Hospitable wine cellars and tourist farms can be found everywhere. The energy of sun and love creates wine, sweet fruits, honey and olive oil. Brici (residents of Brda) are ...more

EDEN 2013: Laško

The tradition of seeking health along the thermal waters in Laško and in the area of the nearby Rimske terme reaches back centuries. During the last 60 years, Laško has become famous for its excellent medical rehabilitation. Thermana Laško and Rimske terme have integrated natural features and expert knowledge into an array of medical programs and local wellness experience. Explore ...more

EDEN 2011: Idrija

Following the Trail of Mercury Heritage. For more than half a millennium, the mercury mine in Idrija was important to the whole world! In relation to the mine many points of interest arouse our attention even today. You enter the city along the water channel “ Rake ”. Next to it there is “ kamšt ”, a big wooden wheel, which was part of the mine’s pumping system. Not far from there, along the ...more

EDEN 2010: River Kolpa

Along its 113-kilometre length, this warm, clear river links tourist destinations of sustainable excellence in the far southeast of Slovenia. Boating and swimming, cycle paths, meditation trails and footpaths lead from story to story. Experience the hospitality of nature and people! KOLPA. Choose your story! The water of the clear, warm river Kolpa reaches a temperature of 30° in ...more

EDEN 2009: Solčavsko

Three valleys in harmony. The stunning Alpine peaks, the idyllic beauty of three glacial valleys, a nature park containing countless natural and cultural sights of interest, the hospitality of the people, the profusion of traditional crafts and dishes: these are just fragments of the big picture of the coexistence of unspoilt nature and human creativity. The Solčava District (Solčavsko) is ...more

EDEN 2008: The Soča Valley

Experience different stories. One of the most pristine Alpine rivers, the emerald Soča has been writing its own stories for centuries: the Goldhorn fairy tale and legends of a miracle flower atop Slovenia’s highest peak, stories about shepherds on mountain pastures, narratives about remarkable natural wealth, family sagas of strong-willed and friendly people. The area is a lasting memorial to ...more


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