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4th Festival of Chocolate

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Information : Radovljica Tourism, T: + 386 4531 5112, E:

Address: Linhart Square and Radovljica Mansion, Radovljica , 4240 Radovljica
Event starts: 17.4.2015 9:00:00
Event ends: 19.4.2015
Place of event : Radovljica Tourism, T: + 386 4531 5112, E:,Linhart Square and Radovljica Mansion, Radovljica 

Come and visit Chocolate Day in Radovljica's Old Town Centre! Taste, smell and see chocolate in many forms, flavours and colours. Annually in April, the Festival of Chocolate takes place in the centre of the Gorenjska region – the first and biggest of its kind in Slovenia.

In 2015, the festival will take place on 17th, 18th and 19th April.
Linhart Square, Radovljica, Slovenia

What is the Chocolate Festival?
  1. The best chocolate related event in Slovenia
    Chocolatiers from all over Slovenia, along with a selected few other producers, come together to present their chocolate products, desserts and dishes. Radovljica's Chocolate Festival is the oldest of its kind in Slovenia.
  2. Tastings of chocolate products
    Sample chocolate desserts, dishes and drinks; pralines, biscuits, muffins, ice-creams, liquors, chocolate covered
    fruit and more.
  3. A full accompanying programme
    Demonstrations of praline making, cookery shows, a cocktail show, prize draws, a fashion show, wine and chocolate, cigars and chocolate, sculptures from chocolate and more.
  4. Entertainment programme
    Street shows for children and adults alike.
  5. The biggest choice of chocolate and chocolate products in Slovenia
    Chocolate of all types, flavours, colours and sizes. Stock up your supplies of chocolate products at the largest Festival of Chocolate in Slovenia.
  6. Shows for the whole family
    Workshops for children, cooking shows for adults, and chocolate for all ages.

Special offer: Accommodation during the Festival of Chocolate

The Festival, devoted to sweet treats, takes place in April every year. For the festival, producers of chocolate and various other chocolate desserts and chocolate dishes, from across Slovenia congregate in the town of Radovljica. Additionally, various presentations and workshops as well as cooking and cocktail shows, take place in Radovljica’s Old Town and the Radovljica Mansion.

Chocolate has been present for a long time in this area. The Radol'ca region is home to one of the first, and currently the most renowned chocolate brand in Slovenia. In 1922, Slovene industrialist Adolf Zavrtanik, from Trieste, established a family-owned chocolate production company in the town of Lesce, which subsequently gained recognition with the Gorenjka trademark. It was on the 90th anniversary of Gorenjka that the first Chocolate Festival was organised in the town of Radovljica. Apart from Gorenjka, the family-run chocolate shop Molinet can be found in the region of Radol'ca.
Administrator : Turizem Radovljica | ++386 8 205 13 89 | | last modified: 23/03/2015

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