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from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Idrija - on the Mercury Route  
The technical heritage of Idrija, formed above the Idrija Mercury Mine and developed together with it over the centuries, will be presented to you on the tour of the main technical monuments, all recently renovated, which bear witness to the magnificence of our oldest mining town. You will take a ...more
from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Kindly invited to Idrija and Vojsko - the highest willage in Primorska region  
Your tour will start with a visit to the tourist mine Anthony's Shaft, where over 1,200 meters of underground shafts leading from the oldest preserved mine entrance dating back to the year 1500 are open for tourists. For almost half a millennium, the miners walked the 300-meter-long shaft when ...more
from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Kindly invited to Idrija and Cerkno region  
To present the Idrija – Cerkno region in a one-day trip is a difficult task, since it is, with its numerous specifics and a diverse surface, definitely one of those regions where a few hours just fly by. You will start the tour in Idrija, where you will first visit Castle Gewerkenegg. It was built ...more
from 25 November to 15 September (2013-2015) / Cultural events
Long Live the Evolution!  
This interactive exhibition gives you an insight into how the immense diversity of life on Earth evolved over more than three and a half billion years. Two illustrative computer animations show you how the blue planet and life on it developed over history. A life-size model of a dinosaur, ...more
1 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Istrian fairytale SHORT TRIP between Istrian villages  
LAND OF REFOŠK Feel the Istrian atmosphere on the hinterland and relax by the sea in the afternoon! A trip where you will forget your everyday trouble! Price: from 26,90 €/person
9 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
KOPER CARD - the key that opens the city gates and allows you to explore easily the city centre of Koper.With the ENTRANCE TICKETS (coupons) received at the purchase of the TOURIST CITY CARD, the visit to the four main city monuments is free of charge.You can also choose between the available ...
14 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
A visit to Hrastovlje can be a truly unforgettable experience bringing together rich heritage, culture, nature and cuisine - all closely tied to tradition. All tourist providers of this little Istrian village under the Karst Edge have joined forces in the HRASTOVLJE - COMBINED TICKET project, in ...
15 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Olive picking in the Slovenian Istria  
Padna - the old oil-extraction plant - Krkavče - Istrian Lunch - olive picking in the valley of Dragonja - olive compressing in the oil-extraction plant Price: 24,90€ per person
from 21 to 27 August (2014-2017) / Trip / Excursion
Experience Ljublana marsh, see Tito's cars  
We will take a short walk through a uniqe ecosystem, the nature reserve Mali plac. This area has a special reconginition as the  southermost bog in Evrope. Close by is Jurca Peat Bog (jurčevo šotišče), where we will experience and see the peat bog floor. Our tour will continue with a visit of the  ...more
from 21 to 31 August (2014-2017) / Trip / Excursion
Springs of Ljubljanica and Human fish Brewery  
We will take a walk among numerous springs of the river Ljubljanica that originates just 20 km from Ljubljana. We will comfortably enjoy the uniqe nature and get to know the legend of the Argonauts. According to Greek mythology, Greek heros, the argonauts, disassemled their ship right in Vrhnika ...more
28 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Istra – trip made by measue  
KOPER Our guide will wait you in Koper at 9 a.m. In the morning coolness we will take a walk in the city centre and we will know the history of this coastal town that day by day acquires a more attractive identity. There will be enough time to drink a coffee or a tea. OSMICA The name osmica was ...
28 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
The Kras edge and the valley of castles  
SOČERGA or HRASTOVLJE Price: from 22,90 €/person
29 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
The culinary pulse of the Slovenian Istria  
Culinary half-day experience of the Slovenian Istra. Price: from 32,90 € / person
29 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Saint Martin's trip to the Slovenian Istria  
LAND OF REFOSCO or SAINT MARTIN'S PARTY Saint Martin's parties, olive harvest and the beautiful Autumn colours are all reasons to visit the Slovenian Istria. Price: from 25,90 €/person
29 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Mystical treasures of Istria  
SMOKVICA or MOVRAŽ Price: from 25,90 €/person
29 8 2014-... / Trip / Excursion
Across the most beautiful šavrini villages  
KRKAVČE Trip around the old Istrian villages, where it seems like the tipe has stopped... Price: from 22,90€/person
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