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Cultural events: Models of Aviation, exhibition
The Models of Aviation exhibition was inspired by Albin Novak, te pioneer of Slovene aeromodeling. The exhibition features 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 scale models of the airplanes. The exhibition is open via prior arangement in Radovljica Municipality Museums.
from 14 June to 31 December (2011-2012)RADOVLJICA  
Within the framework of European Capital of Culture, The Museum of Dolenjska will present the urn artistry of Novo mesto with an exhibition of documentary photography and a prestigious monograph on urns from Novo mesto. In the early Iron Age period (8th - 4th century BC), Novo mesto was a large center of population with a large fortified settlement on Marof hill, around which several barrow cemeteries and individual burial mounds have been found. The archaeological excavations, which have been taking place ever since the end of the 19th century, have revealed fifty-three earthen mounds with over thousand studied graves from the early Iron Age, which included a large number of archaeological artifacts. Among them, there are nine bronze urns that represent the height of artistic expression of Iron Age Europe. As an important contribution to global cultural heritage, urns from Novo mesto remind us of the important role Dolenjska region had in the first millennium BC in development of European culture. The urn artists from Novo mesto were among the leading creators in a period when European civilization was only emerging. As the keeper of this important heritage, The Museum of Dolenjska strives to present the public the urns whose aesthetic values still shine after so many centuries, even though they were cast in fragile bronze. Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00-18:00; Saturday+Sunday: 9:00-13:00 in14:00-17:00.
from 25 November to 31 December (2011-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: House of Literature
Located on the left bank of the Drava River, on the street Vojašniška ulica 12 on Lent, the House of Literature opened its doors in January as part of the ECoC program. The House of Literature thematically joins together the Literary Society of Maribor, the Republic of Slovenia's Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the Slovene Writers’ Association and numerous other Slovenian and foreign literary societies, publishing houses, magazines and individuals, who have not yet been given the chance to present themselves. The House of Literature will host events in various thematic areas: performances by Maribor-based authors, the repatriation of Maribor authors, a presentation of Slovenian and foreign literary societies, recitals of works by deceased authors from Maribor, the project «Otroci med seboj«, book presentations, press conferences at important literary events, the hosting of PEN in Maribor, an accompanying program at the time of the Regional book fair and much more. Apart from literary evenings and public readings, the Literary House is also an excellent venue to host singer-songwriter concerts and photo exhibitions. During the day, visitors can make free use of the reading room, which boasts local and international literature. The reading room has wireless network access and will keep and loan out (for free) all the books published as part of the ECoC. First and foremost, the Literary House is a great venue for hanging out around noon or in the evening, for having a literary chat and a simple exchange of opinions, for creative writing or to search for inspiration. The House of Literature is also a great venue for a spontaneous performance and a first public reading. The House of Literature is open from Mondays to Fridays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and 30 minutes before evening events.
from 1 January to 31 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Cinema Feministe Program
Film screening of The Beauty Academiy of Kabul directed by Liz Mermin (2004, DVD, 74 min).
from 5 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
The Maribor premiere of the film Hartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) by Xavier Dolan (Canada, 2010, 35 mm, 102 min). 
from 6 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Embassy Cinematheque: Blow-up (Blowup)
Program Embassy Cinematheque: screening of the film classic Blow-up (Blowup) by Michelangelo Antonioni (Italy/UK/USA, 1966, 35mm, 111 min).
from 7 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
Screening of the film Hartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) by Xavier Dolan (Canada, 2010, 35 mm, 102 min). 
from 8 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Documentary program "Faces of Russia": Last Day of Summer, Kirsan Planet
Documentary program "Faces of Russia": screenings of films The Last Day of Summer (Koniec lata) by Piotr Stasiak (Poland, 2010, 29 min, English subtitles) and Kirsan Planet by Magdalena Pięta (Poland, 2010, 50 min, English subtitles).
from 9 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
Screening of the film Hartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) by Xavier Dolan (Canada, 2010, 35 mm, 102 min). 
from 10 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
Screening of the film Hartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) by Xavier Dolan (Canada, 2010, 35 mm, 102 min). 
from 11 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Display Windows (Exhibition)
Maribor Regional Museum collected a selection of antique photographs and postcards from their large archive. They especially picked out those that were previously scarcely seen. Images include the town, buildings, vedute, happenings, and so forth. They are a sort of glimpse of time in which they were taken and as such they ignite a nostalgia and a reflection of variability which makes opportunities to rearrange the town. These images are exhibited in the form of stickers on the display windows (shop-windows) across the streets Maribor throughout the history - from 1870 until 1970.
from 12 January to 31 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Table Poetry

from 12 January to 31 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: On Tour (Tournée)
The Maribor premiere of the film On Tour (Tournée) by Mathieu Amalric (France, 2010, 35 mm, 111 min).
from 13 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Northern Lights (The Light Signs)
Illuminated signs with the titles of Jančar’s works make up a large part of the Severni Sij (Northern Lights) project. The signs will be installed around the town centre and surrounding areas. The location of the signs has been carefully chosen, as they build upon the meaning of the texts. Trg Borisa Kidriča - SEVERNI SIJ; Promenada v parku – TO NOČ SEM JO VIDEL; Casino – VELIKI BRILJANTNI VALČEK; Slomškov trg – KATARINA, PAV IN JEZUIT; Gangway over Drava BRIONI; Levo obrežje Drave – GALJOT. The signs will be lit every day of 2012 along with the town street lights, creating a literary map of Jančar’s works and connecting the heart of the town centre. By each sign, there will be a board containing basic information and access to electronic media where additional information on the project, map and links to other related projects in the town can be viewed.
from 14 January to 31 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Illuminated Town Wall (Installation)
Very little remains of what was once a mighty town wall. This is due to demolition, destruction and rebuilding. A hologram reconstruction will allow visitors to admire the illuminated town wall that protected the town from the Late Middle Ages onwards.  The illuminated town wall will designate the central space of activity in 2012 and will thus function as an invitation for inhabitants and visitors to attend the events. This virtual mediaeval wall will be built with the help of reflector lights, projections and floor markings. Trg svobode (The Freedom Square) will give birth to the town wall in all its glory, erecting it in the style of a net-like construction at the place where the city gates used to stand, which will create the visual illusion of the former town’s entrance gate. On the spot where the north-west part of the town wall used to be (next to Tscheligi Tower), the city tower will rise once again. Close to the town's food market, another net-like construction resembling the main thoroughfare Koroška vrata will be set up. All three venues will be visible in the evening and the town door will include a highlighted illumination, accompanied by a projection. The other eleven spots of the town wall will be marked with reflector lights, while all fourteen locations will bring attention to the town wall with the aid of a special shimmering material on the floor.
from 14 January to 31 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Embassy Cinematheque: The 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups)
Program Embassy Cinematheque: screening of the film classic by François Truffaut (France, 1959, 35mm, 99 min).
from 14 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: On Tour (Tournée)
Screening of the film On Tour (Tournée) by Mathieu Amalric (France, 2010, 35 mm, 111 min). 
from 15 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: History of the future
History of the Future is a project providing a group of young people from Guimarães and Maribor with a platform, which should deepen their understanding of socio-developmental challenges of their local environment, as well as the challenges on a global and European scale, and improve the quality of their opinion on said matters. The platform was designed to motivate the younger generations to acquire a detailed understanding of their roles in individual local environments, the European community and the global society. The project tackles the issues and pitfalls of development on multiple levels, be it the all­too­common indifference of the younger generation towards socio­political issues or the feeling of unimportance and insufficiency the young are faced with when pondering global changes. The History of the Future project, the title of which was inspired by a book by Father António Vieira, will culminate in a publication intent on finding the answer to a simple question: what kind of History of the Future do the young people from Guimarães and Maribor wish to write today. The young participants have sought a creative answer to the question by employing individual as well as group writing techniques, focusing on dilemmas, possibilities and future challenges. Slovene philosopher Bojan Borstnerand Portuguese philosopher Moises de Lemos Martins contributed their views on the future of our world, with their pieces set to appear in the trilingual (English­Slovene­Portuguese) publication History of the Future, which will be published on the 24th of November, 2012, at the Vetrinj Mansion in Maribor. The publications will be presented by Moises de Lemos Martins, Bojan Borstner, Suzana Ralha and the coordinator of the project from Maribor Urška Breznik with the presentation followed by a discussion on the project, the young and their future.    
from 16 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: River Noise on Bridges

from 16 January to 20 December (2012)MARIBOR  
Cultural events: Literary House (Unvailing)

from 17 to 1 January (2012-2014)MARIBOR  


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