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from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Idrija - on the Mercury Route  
The technical heritage of Idrija, formed above the Idrija Mercury Mine and developed together with it over the centuries, will be presented to you on the tour of the main technical monuments, all recently renovated, which bear witness to the magnificence of our oldest mining town. You will take a ...more
from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Kindly invited to Idrija and Vojsko - the highest willage in Primorska region  
Your tour will start with a visit to the tourist mine Anthony's Shaft, where over 1,200 meters of underground shafts leading from the oldest preserved mine entrance dating back to the year 1500 are open for tourists. For almost half a millennium, the miners walked the 300-meter-long shaft when ...more
from 20 to 31 March (2012-2020) / Trip / Excursion
Kindly invited to Idrija and Cerkno region  
To present the Idrija – Cerkno region in a one-day trip is a difficult task, since it is, with its numerous specifics and a diverse surface, definitely one of those regions where a few hours just fly by. You will start the tour in Idrija, where you will first visit Castle Gewerkenegg. It was ...more
from 21 to 27 August (2014-2017) / Trip / Excursion
Experience Ljubljana marsh, see Tito's cars  
We will take a short walk through a uniqe ecosystem, the nature reserve Mali plac. This area has a special reconginition as the  southermost bog in Evrope. Close by is Jurca Peat Bog (jurčevo šotišče), where we will experience and see the peat bog floor. Our tour will continue with a visit of the  ...more
from 21 to 31 August (2014-2017) / Trip / Excursion
Springs of Ljubljanica and Human fish Brewery  
We will take a walk among numerous springs of the river Ljubljanica that originates just 20 km from Ljubljana. We will comfortably enjoy the uniqe nature and get to know the legend of the Argonauts. According to Greek mythology, Greek heros, the argonauts, disassemled their ship right in Vrhnika ...more
from 1 January to 1 December (2015-2016) / Art exhibition
Belle Art Gallery  
Sculpture of Matejka Belle was up until recently mostly linked to the karst stone, increases the time she is given to modeling in clay or ceramics. To find the gallery in the village, look for leading ceramic plate with the inscription: Belle art gallery. more
from 1 January to 1 December (2015-2016) / Art exhibition
The major part of opus include graphics, woodcut and linocut of up to copper engraving, aquatint and dry needles. Contextual it comes to the elements and symbols of constructivism, objects, figural motifs and pure abstractions.mail: info@lipica.orgmore
from 1 January to 1 December (2015-2016) / Art exhibition
By viewing miniature carts and wine presses on the Slovenian take us back in time. We look handmade miniature carts. In the past were used to transport various cargoes of wood, bells, cereals, apiaries, drums.more
from 1 January to 29 February / Culinary event
Olive oil degustation  
Do you know the difference between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil? What are the positive attributes in an olive oil? What destinguishes an excellent extra virgin olive oil? You will find the answers to these and other questions in Šmartno, at Oljčni bar (Olive oil bar) in ...more
from 1 January to 31 March / Culinary event
Wine tatsing  
What are the award-winning wines like ? Why are champions so special ? How do award-winning wines differ from other wines? This year, the Goriška Brda wines have won more than 30 awards at international wine competitions. It is only for you, dear guests, that the Goriška Brda ...more
12 February / Culinary event
Salsa and wine  
Find a dance partner and enjoy the rhytms and fun of salsa music combined with a glass of excellent wine. Fore those, who never danec salsa before we will organize a short class before starting.We are expecting you!more
from 12 to 14 February / Sports events
FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Ladies - Ljubno 2016  
In February, we celebrate a day when only love is in the air, and for a fifth year in a row the most “love-marked” day in a year will see the Devilish Slovenians and other female ski jumpers also in the air, battling it out for the World Cup Ski Jumping Ladies victory in Ljubno ob ...more
16 February / Cultural events
Free Guided Tour of old town  
Every Tuesday at 10 am we organize a free guided tour through Radovljica's medieval town. We will visit: Medieval moat, the only one remaining in Slovenia Chapel of Edith Stein Gothic Tavern Gingerbread workshop ...more
20 February / Sports events
Bled Winter Swimming Cup 2016  
The idyllic Alpine gem, Bled, world renowned for its beautiful lake with an enchanting island and mysterious ancient cliff-top castle, was the host of World Winter Swimming Championships in January 2010. The incredible atmosphere and a lot of positive energy that were felt on this particular event, ...more
26 February / Ethnological events
37th Pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world  
Attend one of the most important happenings on Lent – the pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world , which is expertly carried out by the town vinedresser. This event is at the same time an occasion during which the Mayor of Maribor presents the vine’s scions to selected lovers ...more
from 5 to 6 March / Sports events
Kranjska Gora
53rd Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora  
It is due to the Alpine ski world cup that the winter resort of Kranjska Gora has become so famous far, far away from our borders. Every winter the steep slopes of Vitranc are the venue for slalom and giant slalom competitions where top skiers from all over the world compete against time and ...more
6 March / Cultural events
Flea Market on Linhart Square  
On the first Sunday of every month, Linhart Square morphs into a lively flea market. On this day, second-hand pieces and antiques including furniture, books, coins, stamps, postcards, and many other items are on sale. Linhart Square hosts a flea market regardless of the weather. In the ...more
6 March / Sports events
Moravske Toplice
10th Sweet trail hike  
Date: 6th March 2016 Place: Culinary Centre in RatkovciTime: 10.00 am | um 10 UhrLenght: 13 kmFee: €9 for adults, €6 for children younger than 10 years The participants can taste various honey, milk and otherproducts typical of this part of Goričko.Registration: opens at 9.00 am The track: ...more
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