A popular card game that is one of the casino games in which the average house take is very small, blackjack is a favourite in Slovenia’s casinos too for this very reason. It is primarily played in the larger casinos that can employ sufficient staff, as the dealers are switched frequently to give greater control of the game. Blackjack is offered by casinos throughout Slovenia, but mostly at those in Primorska: in Nova Gorica, Lipica and Portorož.

Electronic blackjack

Electronic blackjack with real playing cards is offered at a gaming salon in Grosuplje. The machine is an amazing innovation in the world of gambling, and is made by a Slovenian company that is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming machines. Thanks to a good response from blackjack players used to holding the cards in their hands, other casinos in Slovenia intend to introduce these machines. They are already on sale in the gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Macau.

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Kongo Hotel & CasinoMapGrosuplje

Aurora, Casinò & CabaretMapKobarid

Korona, Casinò & HotelMapKranjska Gora

Grand Casino' LipicaMapLipica

Grand Casinò LipicaMap 

Perla, Casino' & HotelMapNova Gorica

Casino' PortorožMapPortorož

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