Angling rivers and lakes

You can count on fishing in the majority of Slovenia’s rivers and lakes. Slovenian rivers are divided into the Adriatic and Danubian or Black Sea watersheds. The main river in the former is the Soča and its tributaries, and in the latter the Sava and tributaries. As many as 45 watercourses are more than 25 kilometres long, and no two rivers are alike. The surface area of Slovenian waters totals 12,000 hectares. Find out about the main fishing areas.

Rivers of the Adriatic watershed

The supreme river of the Adriatic watershed fishing areas is the Soča, but good fishing can be had on other rivers, too.

- Soča
- Nadiža and Lepenjica
- Tolminka and Bača
- Idrijca and Trebuščica
- Vipava
- Reka, Klivnik and Mola
- Rižana

Rivers of the Danube watershed

Slovenia’s longest river is a favourite fishing area, all the way down to the capital city. In this, the largest Slovenian watershed, you can also look forward to a good catch on the Kolpa, Krka and Savinja.

- Sava Bohinjka
- Radovna
- Sava Dolinka
- Tržiška Bistrica, Kokra
- Sava (from the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka to the outflow of the Ljubljanica)
- Sora (Poljanska, Selška and the entire Sora)
- Unica
- Ljubljanica
- Krka
- Kolpa
- Savinja and Dreta
- Meža
- Drava
- Mura

Angling lakes

Both of Slovenia’s largest glacial lakes offer fishing, with Lake Bohinj being especially attractive, while fishing is limited on Lake Bled. You can also enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Cerkniško jezero, the biggest intermittent lake, and of several lakes in the east of Slovenia, some of which serve as reservoirs.

- Bohinj
- Bled
- Cerknica (Cerkniško jezero)
- Šmartinsko and Slivniško lakes
- Ptuj
- Bukovniško and Gajševsko lakes
- Radehova, Trojiško and Pristava lakes

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