Administrative office – legal, personnel and accounting department

It works to ensure the implementation of public procurement procedures, the drafting of internal acts and contracts aimed at ensuring the legality and commercial soundness of operations, and it ensures professional planning, management and organisation of work and human resources management, all aimed at the greater efficiency of SPIRIT Slovenia. Another of its concerns is the consistent management of the finance and accounting service, and this aims to ensure the rationality of operations, the rationalisation of costs and good internal controls at SPIRIT Slovenia, it works to ensure the introduction of new developments in the organisation and motivation of employees, working conditions and the internal information system, and ensures coordination between decision-making bodies, the founders and representative offices of SPIRIT Slovenia abroad. Equally, it offers analytical, personnel and legal support to the management and employees at SPIRIT Slovenia.

We are proud to be among the first in public administration to introduce measures for a family-friendly company and “Slovenia green” measures to raise awareness among employees regarding concern for the environment. 
Publication of Slovenia green information:  

For more information, please contact:

- Alenka Malenšek Breznik
  Head of Legal Affairs
  phone: +386 1 589 85 93

mag. Helena Klun Peternelj
  Head of Human Resources
  phone: +386 1 589 85 91

- Ana Gračanin
  Head of Accounting and Finance Department
  phone: +386 1 589 85 94

- Mojca Drobne
  phone: +386 1 589 85 95

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