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Slovenia, one of the smallest and youngest European countries, is very hospitable to young travellers. In our unique, easily accessible and safe country, nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, there are so many sights and attractions that many call it Europe in miniature. Whether discovering the beauties of our country is your final destination or just a stop along your exploration of Europe or the world, there are plenty of things to see and experience here.

The best time to travel is while you are young. There is nothing nicer than packing a backpack and travelling the world with the little pocket money one earns during the holidays. Changing your environment always means expanding horizons and discovering different cultures, meeting people from other countries, and an opportunity to make new friends. Young people want to experience a lot and are therefore coming to Slovenia more and more.
As it turns into a European capital, Ljubljana offers the most opportunities for entertainment and satiating your curiosity. Different clubs are located here and diverse cultural and social events take place, from various exhibitions to a film festival. The second Slovenian largest city, Maribor, which is the capital of Štajerska, does not lack any of these features and is the most joyous in the summer during the Festival of Lent. In Celje, the pulse of a contemporary town interlaces with the echoes of famous history among the ruins of the castle.

Smaller towns and places are not less interesting than the larger ones. Ptuj, with its numerous attractions, is the oldest and in the opinion of many, the most beautiful in this part of Europe.  Idrija is famous for a rich technical heritage. Romantic Piran is a town of mariners and saltpan workers. Bled offers an unforgettable sight with its charming church on the island in the middle of the lake. Škofja Loka is full of cultural and ethnographic attractions. Postojna is worth visiting, especially due to the famous Postojna Cave and the castle in front of it. Lipica is the home of famous white Lipizzaner horses.

Even if you prefer the countryside to the hustle and bustle of cities and you like the byways, Slovenia is the right choice for you. All these activities are at the reach of your hand: walks through almost untouched forests, diverse sports activities in the mountains covered with crystal clear rivers and lakes, swimming in the warm Adriatic  Sea, exploring the mysterious beauties of the  karst underground or roaming through the rural wine-growing hills and fertile plains. And when you get tired, and desire some rest and pampering, you can turn to the nearest of numerous spas and health resorts.

Slovenia is easily accessible by train or bus and is especially friendly to young travellers because of  reasonable prices and numerous other discounts  for the youth. The cheapest accommodation is offered by our youth hotels. Some of these are members of the Travel Association of Slovenia and take a membership card for  youth hostels. Besides these, there is also a well-developed network of other youth accommodations. Other international discount cards for the youth are valid in Slovenia as well:  ISIC, Go25 in European youth card.
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