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Videm pri Ptuju

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This village and a priest in a church nearby Dravinja were first mentioned in written sources in year 1355. Otherwise this village is mentioned in a document from 1392 with the name "S. Vitus in Tren". Videm pri Ptuju, until 1952 officially still St. Vitus at Ptuj (Sv. Vid pri Ptuju), is a scatterd village on the eastern brink of the Drava field (Dravsko polje), on both sides of the Dravinja riverbanks, which flows into Drava not far away from here. Haloze approaches here the Drava riverbranches the most.
Matej Slekovec wrote in a parish chronicle that once a gigantic castle "Tranek"-Dranek, named after river Dravinja stood there at "Gradišče", the highest peak, near the rivermouth of Dravinja into Drava. Nowadays there is no trace of evidence of that castle.
The Counts of Dranek (in original gospodje Draneški) were owners of these properties of Haloze, which were later bought by the Counts of Ptuj. Later the castle is mentioned until the second half of the 14th century. Nearby a small church of St. Janez (Sv. Janez) was mentioned, that was erected by the Counts of Ptuj in the 15th century.
The village went through many misfortunes. In 1532 Turk incursions demolished several castles and churches in Haloze, besides them also the castle Dranek. The church of St. Vitus (Sv. Vid) was soon restored whereas the castles ruins disappeared. In 1645 plague spread from Ptuj towards Videm, and number of houses was marked by white crosses, symbols for the plague in July.
The school has a tradition of many hundred years. First mentions of organists and teachers can be found in the parish chronicle from the year 1692 on. Franz Anton Sutori is mentioned by the name "Schulmeister" in 1719. From that time we can speak of a continuous school in the village.
The village´s centre went through many changes in the last two decades. New-rebuilt public houses such as as a fire brigade house, a post office, a modern school, a bank, a hop-dry house, shops and markets, an inn, few bars, a baker´s shop and a bridge over Dravinja give this village an urban, town-like appearance.
A local community consists of these villages: Dravci, Dravinjski vrh, Jurovci, Lancova vas, Ljubstava, Majski Vrh, Pobrežje, Soviče, Šturmovci, Tržec, Vareja, Videm pri Ptuju, 3308 inhabitants in 1288 housekeepings totaly. We are very proud of a new cummunal house.
Performances due to our local festival os St. Vitus are on June 15. There is a traditional Carnival time, traditional masks taking part in it. Among the most important of them one has to mention the "korant" from the village Lancova vas with characteristical horns, "orači iz Haloz" ("Ploughmen from Haloze") and "rusa".
Nearby a regional park Šturmovec is spreading out between rivers Studenčnica and Dravinja, where one managed to preserve some species which became extinct.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,369 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,902 
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