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The village Stoperce is located in the centre of the western Haloze, along the road Ptujska Gora - Rogatec where the narrow and long valleys of Haloze fall into.
Bernard, the count of Ptuj, imparted Ptuj´s Minorite and Dominician monasteries land properties in Podlehnik and Jesenica but they received the rights to use it only after the counts of Ptuj had died out. This occured 1438. The Minorites kept the uninhabited wooded area from Majšperk to Rogaško hribovje or later known under the name Donačka Gora. In the middle of the wooded valley they had built the chapel of St. Anton (Sv. Anton). Locals started to clear forests for homes which arose on steep hills.
During Turkish incursions from 1532 till 1622 the forests westwards of Donačka Gora and Resenik offered shelter to many people. New settlements arose here named "shelter from Turks" or Zveše or Zaveča (todays hamlets Završe and Sveča). After Napoleonic Wars a general economic crises started in this area. Rich merchants and farmers from the region of the Drava field (Dravsko polje) credited people. Because they latter could not settle their debts , the creditors gained a part of the people´s forests and vineyards. Bad crops worsened the situation which led to rich people taking over a great part of land whereby farmers became vinedressers at their own farms. Stoperce started having lessons in 1819 but a school was built three years later. The local cummunity comprises the villages: Stoperce, Grdina. Kupčinji Vrh, Dol pri Sopercah, Zgornja Sveča and has 772 residents. Stoperce is a scattered village with a cloddy core in the valley of the rivulet Skralska. Only a small number of so called "črna kuhinja" (that is a rustic black kitchen with a open fireplace) and old vinedresser´s cottages has been preserved till today. The church of St. Anton Puščavnik was first mentioned in 1441. The original Gothic building was rebuilt several times. Those who enjoy walking will find a marked Alpine path to Donačka Gora through the village Čermožiše. Stoperce celebrates a farm festival where old peasant labour in different seasons is presented. On the last Sunday of August hunters compete in Shooting clay pigeons. Very liveli also July and the Angel´s Sunday in September.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,2902 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,7174 
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