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in the countryside
Healthy climate
Average summer temperature: 20 °C
Average winter temperature: -2,5 °C
Predanovci is a linear settlement in the Ravensko ("Flatland") region covering an area of 349 hectares along one kilometre of the municipal road connecting Murska Sobota and Grad. It is bounded to the north by Brezovci and to the south by Polana. A stream called Brezovski Potok flows past the village on the western side before joining the Ledava. The flat, open farmland is bounded in the south-east by small areas of woodland. The principal field crops are wheat and corn, although the majority of the farmers' income comes from cattle (dairy and meat) and pigs. Predanovci has 202 inhabitants, of whom 60 are in employment, for the most part in Murska Sobota. There are 58 houses and 47 farm buildings in the village. The people of Predanovci are very proud of their hockey club, founded just over 10 years ago. To begin with they played hockey on an ordinary grass pitch, more for fun than as a serious sport. In 1994, however, they built a pitch with artificial turf and hockey began to develop more seriously in Predanovci. The club has a first team, a youth team and a girls' team. Since only a few people in Slovenia play field hockey, the club participates in various championships outside Slovenia. The village also has a football club, founded 23 years ago. The village's footballers used to play in the Puconci municipal five-a-side football league but for the last two years they have competed in the Pomurje league. Two years ago they joined forces with the hockey club and the village's balloonists, who have two hot air balloons (with which they took part in the world balloon championships in Japan), to form the Triglav Sports Club. The new club offers a range of sports, recreation and tourism activities on artificial surfaces (hockey, tennis, football, other ballgames), grass (football) and around the village (running, cycling), the chance to see Prekmurje from the air (hot-air balloon flights) and sea sailing. New members can join the following sections of the club: field hockey, ballooning, five-a-side football and sea sailing. The club also organises picnics, camping and games and competitions of various kinds and excursions, both in Slovenia and abroad. All with the friendliness and genuineness of the inhabitants of this lovely Pannonian village, where home-made specialities of Prekmurje cuisine are always available. For a few years the fire station in the centre of the village (built 1960) incorporated a general store. Great attention is paid in the village to fire prevention. As a result, for 20 years the village has not seen a fire caused by ignorance or negligence. The imposing house beyond the bus stop was until recently abandoned and uninhabited. Last year, however, it was renovated and converted into a lovely restaurant called Villa Victoria. Although Predanovci is a small village, its name is known throughout Slovenia and even further afield, thanks above all to the activities of the sports club and the industrious work of the villagers. The people of Predanovci are very proud of this. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,6931 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1255 
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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