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The village of Krplivnik appears in historical records for the first time in the relatively late year of 1393. The name Krplivnik is believed to be of Slavonic origin and related either to the word for nettle (kopriva) or the word for dill (koper). The village is divided into two parts: Krplivnik itself and Domaföld. The early history of the little village that today forms part of Krplivnik is quite unusual. It cannot even be claimed with certainty that it belonged to the Őrség region, or even that it was inhabited at that time. The history of the village of Domaföld: at the time of the House of Anjou the estate was the property of a member of the Szentbenedek family, a nobleman called Dama. When he died without male issue the king granted the estate to Lőrinc Tömördi. In 1418 Péter and Gergely Szentgyörgyi become the new lords of "Damafelda", succeeded in 1429 by László Chene. In the 16th century the estate first belonged to György Damafeldy (1541), then to Wylaky or the son of the mayor Dömötör (1564), while shares also belonged to the Sáski of Nagyrákos (1579). Following the fall of Kanizsa the last owner was Sebestyén Wyilaky. Because of the presence of serfs of the lords of Upper Lendava, Domaföld did not belong to Őrség and the Batthyány family. Older inhabitants say that the name of the village, which is of Hungarian origin, has always been the same. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,8105 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,3178 
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