To those who take too little time to explore deeply, the history of our cities and towns will probably appear much the same: it reaches back long millenniums and record invasions and natural disasters and periods of decline and flourishing, but Slovene cities and towns always emerged victorious from trouble and misfortune. Along the banks of rivers and streams, they grew into pleasant centers where the spirit of the Middle Ages merges with the pulse of the modern.

Slovenia`s cities and towns offer more than history, monuments, churches, museums, and restaurants with delicious food and drink; they are also the venues of numerous events, from minor festivities only found on the local calendar to traditional world-renowned events. Our cities and towns not only offer the ancient cores where their life began millenniums ago but also serve as starting points for excursions into the immediate and more distant surroundings where many historical and natural sites wait to be discovered.

Whichever Slovene city or town you come to, hotels, pensions, private rooms, apartments, and campgrounds will welcome you; your hosts will give you their undivided attention, provide you with information in the form of leaflets, brochures, and maps, and invite you to come again next year. You can find Slovene cities and towns on the Internet and our Tourist Information Centers will answer all your questions.

Relative to size and population compared with other European cities and towns, Slovenia`s are not among the largest, so do not look here for Eiffel Towers and Roman Coliseums. Instead, their very smallness is their advantage: you can get into their souls and enjoy every site to the full. Their inhabitants will become your friends, their events a part of your annual schedule, and their surroundings only an extension of the pleasures they offer.
Places that will become part of you once you know them.

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