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The loveliest areas of the three Slovenian wine-growing regions are given over to a plant that requires a lot of attention, love and sunshine. Grapevines were brought to the area of Slovenia several thousand years ago by the Illyrians and Celts, they were cultivated by the Romans and since then tended by the Slavs and Slovenians. Maribor even boasts the oldest grapevine in the world, which still bears fruit every year. And this is all very apparent in the Slovenian wines of today, which rank among the best in the world.
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Wine roads (89)
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MapAgroind Vipava 1894 - wine cellar, Vipava, Vipava valley,  Vipava

Bela krajina wine tourist road

MapBizeljsko - Sremiška Wine Road,  Krško

MapBrda Weinstrasse,  Dobrovo

MapBurja estate,  Podgrič

MapCejkotova household, Goče, Vipava valley,  Goče

MapDolnjedolenjska Wine Road in Trebnje Municipality,  Trebnje

MapEstate Sutor, Podraga, Vipava valley,  Podraga

MapExploring central Slovenske gorice,  Lenart v Slov.Goricah

MapFajdiga wine cellar, Goče, Vipava valley,  Goče

MapFarm Fajdiga Ave, Lože, Vipava valley,  Lože

MapFarm Ferjančič, Gradišče, Vipava valley,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapFarm Medljan,  Izola

MapFarm Na Gucanu,  Izola

MapFarm Pregeljc, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapFarm Žvokelj, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapFarm-winery Trošt, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapFarm-winery V malnu, Slap, Vipava Valley,  Slap

MapFarm-winery Volk, Erzelj, Vipava valley,  Erzelj

MapGoriška Brda Wine Road,  Dobrovo

MapGourmet wine pamparing,  Medana

MapHaloze Wine Road,  Cirkulane

MapHouse of Vrešje,  Krkavče

MapInn Baladur,  Grintovec

MapInn Pri Emilu - Miljo,  Šmarje

MapInn Walter,  Dragonja

MapIstria Wine Road,  Koper

MapJeruzalem Wine Road,  Ljutomer

Karst wine road

Karst wine road (Karst)

MapKorte Inn,  Korte

MapKortina turizem, d.o.o.,  Krkavče

MapMaribor wine-tourist road (VTC 18),  Maribor

MapNafa wines, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapOn the Bela krajina Wine Road – Bela krajina Winegrowing District,  Metlika

MapOn the Bela krajina Wine Road – Črnomelj district,  Črnomelj

MapOrmož Wine Road,  Ormož

MapPanorama Inn,  Šared

MapPodgorjanska Wine Road,  Čatež ob Savi

MapPodpohorje wine-tourist road (VTC 17),  Maribor

MapPoljšak wines, Gradišče at Vipava,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapPr' Maraljo,  Sv.Peter

MapPucer Elvir in Valter,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapRestaurant Idila,  Padna

MapRestaurant Na burji,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapRogaška Wine Road,  Rogaška Slatina

MapRogatec Wine Road,  Rogatec

MapSlavec farm,  Šared

MapŠmartno-Virštanj wine road,  Podčetrtek

MapThe Trail of Archduke Johann from Graz to Maribor,  Maribor

MapTomažič farm, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapTorkla Peroša,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapTourist farm Baredi,  Baredi

MapTourist farm Mahnič,  Dragonja

MapUpper Dolenjska Wine Road,  Dolenji Boštanj

MapUpper Slovenske gorice wine-tourist road (VTC 19),  Maribor

MapVidus wines, Podbreg, Vipava valley,  Podbreg

MapVineyards of Ferran Rupnik,  Sv.Peter

MapVipava Wine Road,  Ajdovščina

MapVipava wine road,  Vipava

MapWine canteen Ivančič,  Šared

MapWine cellar Avin, Gradišče, Vipava valley,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapWine cellar Benčina, Lože, Vipava valley,  Lože

MapWine cellar Domjana,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapWine cellar Ferjančič, Erzelj, Vipava valley,  Erzelj

MapWine cellar Furlan, Goče, Vipava valley,  Goče

MapWine cellar Gorela,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapWine cellar Klobas,  Sečovlje

MapWine cellar Korenika,  Izola

MapWine cellar Korenika & Moškon,  Izola

MapWine cellar Kramesteter,  Dragonja

MapWine cellar Pasji rep, Orehovica in Vipava valley,  Orehovica

MapWine cellar Petrič, Slap at Vipava, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapWine cellar Rebernik,  Dragonja

MapWine cellar Rondič, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapWine cellar Rouna, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapWine cellar Simeon,  Šmarje

MapWine cellar Štule Robi,  Jagodje

MapWine cellar Tomasvin, Podraga, Vipava valley,  Podraga

MapWine cellar Zaro and Wine bar Manzioli,  Izola

MapWine cellar Žorž, Slap at Vipava, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapWine road of the lower Vipava valley,  Nova Gorica

MapWine tasting in Vipava valley,  Vipava

MapWinecellar Steras,  Izola

MapWinery Andlovec, Gradišče at Vipava,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapWinery Jamšek, Manče in Vipava valley,  Manče

MapWinery Krapež, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapWinery Miška, Erzelj, Vipava valley,  Erzelj

MapWinery Potočnik, Orehovica, Vipava valley,  Orehovica


Slovenian Wine Roads

Weinstrassen Sloweniens



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