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Shopping represents an integral part of every journey and frequently signifies a part of the experience that you can bring home. Regardless of whether you intentionally go shopping in Slovenia or whether it’s simply a momentary pang of inspiration or opportunity offered to you on a sales shelf, you can find numerous products that are worth buying and taking home with you. You can find a whole range of quality products with favourable prices that will not take up much room in your travelling bag or suitcase.

Slovenian souvenirs

The offer in Slovenian stores is varied and comparable to the majority of Western European countries; moreover, some products can only be found in Slovenia. Naturally, this also includes many typical Slovenian souvenirs. A special place among these Slovenian souvenirs is occupied by various trade and artistic products. This includes, especially, ceramic products, such as majolica – Slovenian jugs for water and wine that are used as ornaments or as usable objects. Also known internationally are the wooden products from Ribnica, such as baskets or spoons. A typical Slovenian wooden product is the beehive panel – painted sides of beehives. An exceptionally beautiful souvenir from Slovenia is a unique lace product, such as Idria lace, or the unique crystal products handcrafted by the experienced glass blowers at Rogaška Slatina. Another unique souvenir includes decorative sweets from lect. A definitive winner is the purchase of a high-quality Slovenian wine or Karst prosciutto.

Additional tips

Lovers of fine art can, in numerous art galleries, purchase unique works by recognized Slovenian sculptors and painters. Moreover, during the sale period in Slovenia, you can use the opportunity to buy clothes, footwear or sports equipment. It is all up to you.
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MapBTC City,  Ljubljana

MapEuropark,  Maribor

MapStudio Koder d.o.o,  Idrija

Map"Jelenov greben" Deer estate,  Olimje

MapAgency Istranka,  Koper

MapAlmira Sadar,  Ljubljana

MapAlpina Koper,  Koper

MapAntika, commission sales of art and antiques,  Kranj

MapArs shop,  Koper

MapARS-Paprika shop (Mercator center),  Koper

MapArt foto Vanič d.o.o.,  Izola


MapBeershop Hoppiness,  Koper

MapBellissima make-up store,  Koper

MapBike shop REAL,  Koper

MapBock, d.o.o., lovstvo, ribištvo, vse za male živali,  Kranj

MapBook store DZS, d.d.,  Kranj

MapBookshop Libris,  Koper

MapBookstore DZS Koper,  Koper

MapBoutique Napoleon,  Koper

MapButik Extreme,  Koper

MapButik Tiskovin,  Koper

MapCenter Nova,  Velenje

MapCentral Market,  Ljubljana

MapChocolatier Da Ponte,  Koper

MapCiciban,  Koper

MapCity Maribor,  Maribor

MapCokla N1, d.o.o.,  Kranj

MapCukrček Candy Shop,  Ljubljana

MapCvetličarna Amak,  Bovec

MapCvetličarna Orhideja,  Izola

MapCvetličarna pr'Krnc, Rozman Martinka s.p.,  Kranj

MapCvetličarna Vijolica,  Kranj

MapČipka Art 2000,  Idrija

MapDar,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapDesetnica, gift shop,  Kranj

MapDesign and production of traditional woodcraft Kosmač,  Bistrica pri Tržiču

MapDežnikarstvo Jenko,  Kranj

MapDiskontni market Lipa - Tuš,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapDM drogerie markt,  Koper

Mapdm drogerie markt d.o.o.,  Portorož

MapDomek d.o.o.,  Koper

MapDZS, d.d., knjigarna in papirnica,  Izola

MapElektrik Holzbauer,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapElle Boutique,  Koper

MapEUROSPIN,  Postojna

MapEurospin Koper,  Koper

MapFashion studio Šiviljstvo mAL,  Idrija

MapFešTINA party shop,  Koper

MapFish farm Hren Friderik s.p.,  Žlabor

MapFish market Koper,  Koper

MapFlea Market,  Ljubljana

MapFlorist - Cvet,  Kokrica

MapFlower shop Agrokor,  Postojna

MapFlower shop Bouquet,  Postojna

MapFlower shop Čeč,  Slavina

MapFlower shop Drevesnica Štivan,  Matenja vas

MapFlowershop Klun,  Postojna

MapFoto Belvedere,  Koper

MapFoto Levac,  Koper

MapG.D.V. Ritoša d.o.o,  Izola

MapGA Koper,  Koper

MapGaleo Boutique,  Koper

MapGallery Emporium,  Ljubljana

MapGallery Re:gallery,  Koper

MapGardening Primož,  Postojna

MapGeox Koper,  Koper

MapGo.Cig,  Koper

MapGolden Grape, Vinothek and Local Products,  Ptuj

MapGolgeter shop,  Podčetrtek

MapGrocery minimarket Cajna,  Vipava

MapHand made shoes - Koral,  Gorenje Sušice

MapHarvey Norman,  Koper

MapHofer Koper,  Koper

MapHorticulture Lipnik,  Zibika

MapHorticulture Štravs s.p.,  Imeno

MapI&M,  Koper

MapIntermarket Brežice,  Brežice

MapInterspar,  Izola

MapInterspar Supernova Koper,  Koper

MapIris florist shop,  Podčetrtek

MapIzdelava gorjuških pip, Srečo Lotrič,  Gorjuše

MapJager supermarket,  Podčetrtek

MapJeweller's Shiroka,  Koper

MapJeweller's Tomowski,  Koper

MapJewelry Kačinari,  Koper

MapJewelry Stefanovski,  Koper

MapJewllery Nela,  Koper

MapKemična čistilnica Andolšek,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapKeramika Art Atelje,  Koper

MapKnjigarna in papirnica DZS Koper,  Koper

MapKomet, d. d., industrijska prodajalna,  Rosalnice

MapKopitarna - shoes shop,  Koper

MapKrim-trgovina center; Marija Križnik s.p,  Mozirje

MapLa'Mans,  Koper

MapLD Turizem,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapLIDL,  Postojna

MapLidl Koper,  Koper

MapLittle fish shop,  Pristava pri Mestinju

MapL'occitane,  Koper

MapLush Koper,  Koper

MapM -ZKZ Mozirje,  Ljubno ob Savinji

MapMadonna Jeans megastore,  Koper

MapMall - Super Nova,  Velenje

MapManufaktura,  Koper

MapMarine system d.o.o. - navtična trgovina,  Koper

MapMarja clothing store,  Sela

MapMarjanca Gobec copywriting,  Olimje

MapMarjetka shop,  Podčetrtek

MapMarket Sonček,  Dolenjske Toplice

MapMaximarket,  Ljubljana

MapMercato market 4,  Koper

MapMercator,  Velenje

MapMercator,  Izola

MapMercator Center II,  Koper

MapMercator center Koper,  Koper

MapMercator Center Kranj,  Kranj

MapMercator d.d.,  Sela pri Dol.Toplicah

MapMercator market 1,  Spodnje Škofije

MapMercator market 10,  Gračišče

MapMercator market 11,  Bertoki

MapMercator market 13,  Koper

MapMercator market 2,  Koper

MapMercator market 3,  Koper

MapMercator market 5,  Koper

MapMercator market 6,  Dekani

MapMercator market 7,  Hrvatini

MapMercator market 8,  Koper

MapMercator market 9,  Ankaran

MapMercator Nazarje,  Nazarje

MapMercator, Prodajalna Železnina, Bohinjska Bistrica,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapMesnica, delikatesa Šavs,  Kranj

MapMladinska knjiga - Dom knjige Koper,  Koper

MapMladinska knjiga trgovina d.d.,  Kranj

MapMobitel Center, d.d.,  Velenje

MapMonarh d.o.o. PE Slovenijašport,  Kranjska Gora

MapMultimediai centre Kibla - Zamisel,  Maribor

MapNa škalinah - salt shop,  Koper

MapNakupovalni center Velenje,  Velenje

MapNama,  Ljubljana

MapNorth Sails Shop,  Koper

MapOBI Koper,  Koper

MapObuti maček (footwear),  Koper

MapOVS clothing shop,  Koper

MapPeko - shoes shop,  Koper

MapPetejan- Ciciban, shoes,  Izola

MapPiranske soline, shop,  Ljubljana

MapPittarello,  Koper

MapPlanet Tuš Koper,  Koper

MapPoster,  Koper

MapPrint shop Oko,  Imeno

MapRogaška Crystal,  Ljubljana

MapRustika,  Ljubljana

MapSariko Shop,  Koper

MapShop Lanč,  Koper

MapShop Lovec,  Koper

MapShop Medex,  Ljubljana

MapShopping center Spar,  Postojna

MapShopping center Supernova,  Koper

MapShopping center Supernova II,  Koper

MapSlovenian Tourist Information Centre,  Ljubljana

MapSouvenir and wine shop Halo d.o.o.,  Cirkulane

MapSport shop Sport point,  Kranjska Gora

MapSportina,  Koper

MapStatus d. o. o. Metlika,  Metlika

MapSteklarna Rogaška (crystal ware),  Koper

MapStitching Miriam,  Koper

MapStore M-ZKZ Mozirje,  Luče

MapStudio Irma Vončina,  Idrija

MapStudio Terracotta,  Koper

MapStudio Tina Pavlin,  Kranj

MapSupermarket Kea,  Podčetrtek

MapSupermarket Mercator,  Koper

MapSupermarket TUŠ - Vopex,  Postojna

MapSupernova,  Postojna

MapSvilanit,  Koper

MapSyncerus chocolate boutique,  Olimje

MapŠpar Koper 1,  Koper

MapŠpar Koper 2,  Koper

MapThe Dobrna supermarket,  Dobrna

MapThe Mercator Dobrna supermarket,  Dobrna

MapThe outdoor shop - Intersport,  Ukanc

MapThe Trimex shop – the Dobrna sales unit,  Dobrna

MapThe Vida Dobrna Kiosk,  Dobrna

MapTigga Boutique,  Koper

MapTigga Gentelmen,  Koper

MapTina Koder avtorska idrijska čipka,  Ljubljana

MapTourist information centre Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapTrafika Cekin, Kovačič Tadej,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapTrgovina Jezerjan Jezersko,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapTrgovina Revit,  Izola

MapTuš market,  Koper

MapTUŠ market Menišan,  Meniška vas

MapUnikatni nakit Tanja Drinovec,  Kranj

MapUsnjena galanterija Okršlar,  Kranj

MapVanda Lapajne d.o.o,  Idrija

MapVenera clothing store,  Podčetrtek

MapVeronika Fabinc - gojenje zdravilnih rastlin in dišavnic,  Brežice

MapVolkner shop,  Koper

MapVrtnarski center Polegek Peter,  Slovenske Konjice

MapVrtnarstvo - cvetličarstvo- Bider Reiter Jelka s.p.,  Nazarje

MapWoodWay,  Koper,  Kranj

MapYALA,  Koper

MapZigante Truffles,  Koper

MapZkz Mozirje,  Mozirje

MapZKZ Trgovina in Železnina Radmirje,  Radmirje

MapZKZ Železnina in Samopostrežna Foršt,  Ljubno ob Savinji



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