One way Slovenia shows its respect for the cultural heritage is with monuments. They are set up in visible locations in towns and cities. Slovenia is one of those rare countries where more monuments are dedicated to cultural figures than to political leaders. Evidence of this can be seen in the monument to the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, at the Three Bridges in the centre of Ljubljana. Throughout Slovenia there are monuments honouring famous historical figures who have marked Slovenian history. There are also many monuments to the victims of wars. In the First World War the deaths were mainly in the area of the Soča River, while in the Second World War they were throughout Slovenia.
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MapGorenja Kanomlja, Slovenia PrintworksVojsko

MapŽiče Carthusian Monastery and GastužSlovenske Konjice

MapOssuary of Italian SoldiersKobarid

MapOtok in Bela krajina, Airplane DC-3Otok

MapUkanc, World War I Military CemeteryUkanc

Map1. World War Cemetary - Rebro - Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapCommemorative site Na vratihNovo Mesto

MapMaister's monumentMaribor

MapMemorial to hostagesMaribor

MapNational Liberation Front Monument in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapNOB (National Liberation) monumentMaribor

MapPavslars HouseKranj

MapThe Petrcek's HouseKranj

MapAnton Martin Slomšek MonumentMaribor

MapBust of Janez Mencinger in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapChapel of Holy TrinityLendava

MapGeometric Center of SloveniaSlivna

MapMark of Mary on the Upper Square in Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapMonument to four couragoeus men by the Bohinj LakeRibčev Laz

MapMonument to Rudolf MaisterKamnik

MapNOB monumentBrdce nad Dobrno

MapPlague ColumnMaribor

MapProvincial stones Carinthia - CarniolaJezersko

MapStone well at the Main Square (Mestni trg) in Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapThe cave of King MatjažMežica

MapThe Hayne's HouseKranj

MapThe House of Birth of Dr. Janez BleiweisKranj

MapThe House with a ProminenceKranj

MapThe Locna cemeteryNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to Marjan Kozina next to the Miran Jarc LibraryNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to the dead inhabitants of Velika Bucna vasNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to the hanging of Franc Janc and Alojz Hacin, The Novo mesto Main SquareNovo Mesto

MapThe Šmihel CemetaryNovo Mesto

MapThe Šumej black kitchenBrdce nad Dobrno

Map100 Frankolovo victims museum- The Frankolovo crimeStranice

MapBilpa blacksmiths'Dol

Burial place below Kren

Bust statue of Karl Grabeljšek - Gaber

Cankar`s statue

MapChurch of St. Peter and PaulPtuj

MapCity TowerPtuj

MapFortress and Monument at the Predel PassStrmec na Predelu

MapMemorial to the honour of WWI victimsSvibno

MapMilitary Cemetery in SočaSoča

MapMilitary Cemetery in TrentaTrenta

MapMilitary Cemetery near BovecBovec

MapMonument and Military Cemetery in Log pod MangrtomLog pod Mangartom

MapMonument in the Village of StrmecStrmec na Predelu

MapMonument to Dr. Julius KugyTrenta

MapMonument to Josip Broz TitoVelenje

MapMonument to mountain guides in TrentaTrenta

MapMonument to the soldiers of the Battle of GolobarKal-Koritnica

MapMotnik - Pranger parkMotnik

MapNOB memorialRadeče

MapOšlak forgeSkomarje

MapSt. FlorianMaribor

MapSt. Florian MonumentPtuj

MapSt. George Parish ChurchPtuj

MapStatue - by learningVelenje

MapStatue - Onemele puškeVelenje

MapStatue - star collectorVelenje

MapStatue Morska deklicaVelenje

MapStatue of Anton AškercVelenje

MapStatue of Edvard KardeljVelenje

MapStatue of VictoryMurska Sobota

MapThe cultural center Šeškov domKočevje

MapThe cultural center Šeškov domKočevje

MapThe French sign on the Town fieldsNovo Mesto

The parish Church of St. Bartholomew

The parish Church of St. Bartholomew

The succursal Church of Chorpus Christi

The succursal Church of St. Vitus

MapThe whipping postPredgrad

The widest nut tree and the Church of the St. John the

MapTown HallPtuj

MapTransporting the Wounded (in memory of the fight of the XIVth division on Graška Gora)Velenje

MapTurenček or Little towerŠmarje-Sap

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