Monasteries are an important component of religious heritage. Slovenia still has more than 30 active monasteries/friaries and five active convents. One of the best known is the Cistercian monastery at Stična, founded almost 900 years ago. It is home to the Museum of Christianity in Slovenia. The Capuchin friary at Vipavski Križ is famous for its connection with the noted preacher Janez Svetokriški, who worked there. Also important are Franciscan friaries like the one at Nazarje, which houses the first Slovene translation of the Bible. The Minorite friary at Olimje, with its herbalist's shop, is very popular with tourists. The last active working Carthusian monastery in Slovenia is at Pleterje, while the former Žiče Charterhouse is also a major attraction. The popular summer performance venue of Križanke in Ljubljana is another former monastery.
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