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Haloze Mountain Path

On the path you will get to know Haloze, a little piece of the wonderful Slovenian countryside. It starts at Makole and spreads southwest-northeast to Goričko on the Slovenian-Croatian border. A straight line through the entire mountain chain would be 31 kilometres.
The path is marked and leads along the ridges of Haloze, where one can see Croatia, the Ptuj and Drava plain and the hills of Slovenske gorice from. It has 11 checkpoints, and in the Guidebook-Journal (Vodnik –Dnevnik ) there is a detailed description of the path.
To walk the Haloze Mountain Path would take 22 hours of walking non-stop. It leads from Borl to St. Anna, from there across Vrbanjšak (412 m) and Hrastovec across Gorenjski Vrh and Brezovec to Cirkulane. From Cirkulane the path continues to Gradiški Hum and Gradišče and across the Psičine stream to Varejski Breg, Dravinjski Vrh and to Podlehnik, after that across Gorca to Doleno and to Janški Vrh. The hiker then arrives in Naraplje, and from there across Jelovice to St. Bolfenk and to Kupčinji Vrh. The path concludes at Donačka Gora (883 m), where there is a mountain hut.
On the path you will get to know the landscape, its people, the woody and wine growing Haloze and the wonderful Donačka Gora, which is called Haloze Triglav by the local people.

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