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Slovenia’s towns and cities are adorned with some fabulous burgher architecture that is now generally converted for public use. The highest number of palaces or urban mansions can be found on the coast, especially in Koper. The Praetorian Palace, with its late Gothic-Renaissance façade, is among the finest of Slovenia’s palaces. Part of this palace now houses a museum. The Manzioli Palace in Izola is another landmark. It is now the centre for the local Italian ethnic community, and it frequently hosts art exhibitions. Inside the Gruber Palace in Ljubljana, the premises have been converted to house the Slovenian National Archives.
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Palaces (37)
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MapKoper (Capodistria), Praetorian Palace (Pretorska palača),  KOPER

MapBelgramoni - Tacco Palace,  KOPER

MapBesenghi degli Ughi Palace,  IZOLA

MapConstitutional Court building (formerly the Chamber of Commerce Palace),  LJUBLJANA

MapForesteria,  KOPER

MapKoper (Capodistria), Almerigogna Palace,  KOPER

MapKoper (Capodistria), Armeria,  KOPER

MapKoper (Capodistria), Gravisi Barbabianca Palace,  KOPER

MapKoper (Capodistria), Loža (Loggia), Glavni trg (Main Square),  KOPER

MapKoper (Capodistria), Perkauz House (Hiša Perkauz),  KOPER

MapLjubljana, Opera,  LJUBLJANA

MapSemenišče (Seminary),  LJUBLJANA

MapTriglav Insurance Company Palace,  LJUBLJANA

MapVenetian house,  KOPER

MapAlmerigotti palace, 17th century,  KOPER

MapBarbabianca Palace,  KOPER

MapCarpaccio house,  KOPER

MapFontico,  KOPER

MapPalace Barbabianca - Kuppelwieser,  KOPER

MapThe Brutti Palace,  KOPER

MapThe Grisoni - Sabini house,  KOPER

MapThe Rin house, 15th century,  KOPER

MapCadamuro - Morgante palace,  KOPER

MapCarli Palace,  KOPER

MapCorner palace,  KOPER

MapDe Belli Palace,  KOPER

MapDe Franceschi palace,  KOPER

MapDel Bello palace,  KOPER

MapElio palace,  KOPER

MapGravisi - Buttorai palace,  KOPER

MapOrlandini Palace,  KOPER

MapPizzarello - Palma palace,  KOPER

MapSlovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti (Slovene academy of arts and sciences),  LJUBLJANA

MapTarsia palace,  KOPER

MapThe Tiepolo palace,  KOPER

MapTotto ex Gavardo palace, 18th century,  KOPER

MapVissich - Nardi palace,  KOPER



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