Culture has a special historical and social significance in Slovenia. It was primarily thanks to their culture and their common language of Slovene that the people of Slovenia were able to forge themselves into a nation and survive. Language and culture have for centuries compensated Slovenes for the lack of their own state and political institutions. Slovenia is one of those rare countries, if not the only country in the world, where a day of culture is a national holiday.

In honour of the poet

Slovenia’s national day of culture is 8 February, the anniversary of the death of its greatest poet, France Prešeren, whose wonderful works from the first half of the 19th century are a supreme example of European romanticism. One such work is A Toast, now Slovenia’s national anthem. The relevance of Prešeren’s poetry played a role in the creation of the first real national political programme, which helped to forge the Slovenian national identity. The annual Prešeren Prizes are the highest awards for the most important and momentous achievements in culture.

Credit to the protestant

One of the most important foundations of Slovenian culture was established by another literary figure, the protestant pastor Primož Trubar, who published the first book in Slovene in 1550. It was then that Slovene officially joined the family of European literary languages.

The power of verse and the written word

Literature also held a special place in Slovenian culture in the 20th century, when the playwright Ivan Cankar, the poet Srečko Kosovel, contemporary poets like Ciril Zlobec, Kajetan Kovič, Tomaž Šalamun and Dane Zajc and the writers Vitomil Zupan, Drago Jančar, Boris Pahor and Lojze Kovačič all left their mark. Many of their works have been translated into multiple European languages.

Further evidence of the importance of books in Slovenian culture is that Slovenia is ranked at the top of European countries in terms of the number of books published per head. In 2010, Ljubljana was selected by Unesco to be the World Book Capital. In 2012, Maribor was  the European Capital of Culture.

Pillars of culture

Slovenia has a very well-developed network of cultural institutions, organisations and associations, comparable with the wealthiest and most progressive countries in Europe. The Slovenian Philharmonic is one of the oldest orchestras in Europe, with a history of more than 300 years.

There are professional opera and ballet companies in Ljubljana and Maribor, and numerous professional theatre groups, including Drama (Slovenia’s national theatre), the Youth Theatre and the Puppet Theatre in Ljubljana.

Cultural life is rich and varied at the museums, galleries and cultural centres, pride of place among which is taken by Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana.

There are a host of top festivals in Slovenia, particularly in the summer: the Ljubljana Festival at Križanke, the festival of early music in Brežice, the Primorska Cultural Festival and a series of cultural events under the aegis of Imago Sloveniae. Maribor’s Lent Festival is also a favourite.

There are 45 permanent galleries in Slovenia, and over 800 spaces where works of fine art are exhibited permanently or occasionally. The most important in Ljubljana are the Museum of Modern Art, which focuses on modern works, and the National Gallery, whose collection consists of older works. Impressionism made Slovenian painting known throughout Europe in the first half of the 20th century, while the Ljubljana graphic school was renowned after the Second World War.


There are five professional orchestras in Slovenia, and a host of musicians who are famed outside the country. The largest concert halls are at the Cankarjev Dom cultural and conference centre, which holds close to a thousand events each year.

Slovenia’s own brand of polka music reached its peak in the accordion and ensemble of Slavko Avsenik, while the annual festival in Stična is a feast of choral singing, and the France Marolt folk group have performed their singing and dancing all over the world.

The contemporary thrill of classical music is the territory of the Slovenian Philharmonic, particularly its top musicians, flautist Irena Grafenauer, pianist Dubravka Tomšič and soprano Marjana Lipovšek.

Laibach have been a highly influential band in the last few decades in modern alternative music. The ethno-pop of Magnifico has gained a rising international profile. The giants of Slovenian pop music are Vlado Kreslin and Siddharta, while Slovenian DJs are welcome on global dancefloors, most notably DJ Umek.


Architecture is also a vital part of Slovenian culture. The most famous native architect, Jože Plečnik, was a pioneer of modern Slovenian and European architecture of the 20th century. Ljubljana is famed for his work. Many of Plečnik’s students continued his legacy in the second half of the 20th century.

International cultural events

Each year Slovenia hosts a number of other events that are renowned further afield. To mention a few: the Exodos dance festival in Ljubljana, the Ana Desetnica festival of street theatre, the PEN meeting in Bled and the Vilenica literary festival near Sežana.

In short, the range of cultural events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions in Slovenia is enough to satisfy the most demanding of guests.

Government support

The small size of the market means that many artistic and cultural activities in Slovenia enjoy significant support and subsidies from the government (approximately two-thirds of the requisite funding), and funding from local authorities. It is remarkable that less than 10% of cultural activities’ earnings come from the consumer, i.e. visitors to cultural events. The exception of course is the entertainment industry, notably pop and jazz, where the performers have to rely on their own ingenuity to earn their dues.
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Cultural and Historical Heritage (375)
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MapCelje, Celje Old CastleCelje

MapKobilarna LipicaLipica

MapMaribor Art GalleryMaribor

MapŠempeter v Savinjski dolini, Roman necropolisŠempeter v Savinj.Dolini

MapThe walk of peace in the Upper Soča regionKobarid

MapBase 20Dolenjske Toplice

MapBled castleBled

MapBrežice, CastleBrežice

MapDolga Vas at Lendava, Jewish CemeteryDolga vas

MapDragotin Kette's birth housePrem

MapGreen parks in the centre of LjubljanaLjubljana

MapIdrijska Bela, Belčne klavžeIdrijska Bela

MapIvan Tavcar Country Manor, Visoko pri PoljanahVisoko pri Poljanah

MapKostanjevica monasteryNova Gorica

MapKostanjevica na Krki, Monestry or CastleKostanjevica na Krki

MapLjubljana, Robba's FountainLjubljana

MapLjubljana, Seminary and Seminary LibraryLjubljana

MapManor house Zemono, Vipava valleyZemono

MapMetlika, CastleMetlika

MapOlimje minorite MonasteryOlimje

MapPuštal, Nace House (Nacetova hiša)Puštal

MapRašica near Velike Lašče, Memorial House of Primož TrubarRašica

MapRihemberk CastleBranik

MapSabotin - Peace ParkSolkan

MapSmelting furnace in ŽeleznikiŽelezniki

MapTrebnje Gallery of Naive ArtistsTrebnje

MapZgornja Radovna, Pocar Homestead (Pocarjeva domačija)Zgornja Radovna

Map1. World War Cemetary - Rebro - Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapArchaeological path CvingerDolenjske Toplice

MapBrunetova Blacksmith ShopLjubno ob Savinji

MapBudnar HouseKamnik

MapCivic library of PiranPiran

MapCommemorative site Na vratihNovo Mesto

MapGerman OssuaryTolmin

MapJewish CemeteryNova Gorica

MapKrško Capuchin LibraryKrško

MapMaister's monumentMaribor

MapMemorial park MauthausenPodljubelj

MapMemorial region »Freedom and peace« PoljanaPoljana

MapMemorial to hostagesMaribor

MapMilitary cemetery at LočeTolmin

MapNational Liberation Front Monument in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapNOB (National Liberation) monumentMaribor

MapOld Kozolci ( traditional hayracks) in LjubnoRadmirje

MapPavslars HouseKranj

MapRuins of castle MedijaIzlake

MapThe Alpine dairy cottage Logarski kotLogarska Dolina

MapThe Central Library - The »Diocese«Kranj

MapThe Lapidary and the Fountain of St.John NepomukKranj

MapThe Library of the Nazarje Franciscan MonasteryNazarje

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Monuments (77)
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MapGorenja Kanomlja, Slovenia PrintworksVojsko

MapŽiče Carthusian Monastery and GastužSlovenske Konjice

MapOssuary of Italian SoldiersKobarid

MapOtok in Bela krajina, Airplane DC-3Otok

MapUkanc, World War I Military CemeteryUkanc

Map1. World War Cemetary - Rebro - Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapCommemorative site Na vratihNovo Mesto

MapMaister's monumentMaribor

MapMemorial to hostagesMaribor

MapNational Liberation Front Monument in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapNOB (National Liberation) monumentMaribor

MapPavslars HouseKranj

MapThe Petrcek's HouseKranj

MapAnton Martin Slomšek MonumentMaribor

MapBust of Janez Mencinger in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapChapel of Holy TrinityLendava

MapGeometric Center of SloveniaSlivna

MapMark of Mary on the Upper Square in Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapMonument to four couragoeus men by the Bohinj LakeRibčev Laz

MapMonument to Rudolf MaisterKamnik

MapNOB monumentBrdce nad Dobrno

MapPlague ColumnMaribor

MapProvincial stones Carinthia - CarniolaJezersko

MapStone well at the Main Square (Mestni trg) in Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapThe cave of King MatjažMežica

MapThe Hayne's HouseKranj

MapThe House of Birth of Dr. Janez BleiweisKranj

MapThe House with a ProminenceKranj

MapThe Locna cemeteryNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to Marjan Kozina next to the Miran Jarc LibraryNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to the dead inhabitants of Velika Bucna vasNovo Mesto

MapThe Monument to the hanging of Franc Janc and Alojz Hacin, The Novo mesto Main SquareNovo Mesto

MapThe Šmihel CemetaryNovo Mesto

MapThe Šumej black kitchenBrdce nad Dobrno

Map100 Frankolovo victims museum- The Frankolovo crimeStranice

MapBilpa blacksmiths'Dol

Burial place below Kren

Bust statue of Karl Grabeljšek - Gaber

Cankar`s statue

MapChurch of St. Peter and PaulPtuj

MapCity TowerPtuj

MapFortress and Monument at the Predel PassStrmec na Predelu

MapMemorial to the honour of WWI victimsSvibno

MapMilitary Cemetery in SočaSoča

MapMilitary Cemetery in TrentaTrenta

MapMilitary Cemetery near BovecBovec

MapMonument and Military Cemetery in Log pod MangrtomLog pod Mangartom

MapMonument in the Village of StrmecStrmec na Predelu

MapMonument to Dr. Julius KugyTrenta

MapMonument to Josip Broz TitoVelenje

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Ethnological events (5)
Displayed hits: 1-5

Map27th Okarina Ethno Festival BledBled

MapLegend of the Sunken BellBled

MapMerrily with our folk musiciansBled

St Stephen’s Fair and blessing of horses at Kupljenik

MapSt. Margaret's Fair at Bohinjska BelaBohinjska Bela

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Music events (2)
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MapNew Year’s concert of the Godba Gorje brass bandBled

MapNew Year's ConcertBled

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Churches (329)
Displayed hits: 251-329

MapParish Church of St. Barholomew (sv. Jernej)Rogatec

MapParish Church of St. NicholasMetlika

MapParish church of St. NicholausMurska Sobota

MapParish Church of Sv. ŠtefanRibnica

MapParish church St. Peter in Gornja RadgonaGornja Radgona

MapPlague monument, Bogo pri ŠtjakuBogo

MapReligious buildings in LogatecLogatec

MapSan Giusto?s church,Koper

MapSlovenj Gradec: The church of St. GeorgeLegen

MapSlovenj Gradec: The church of St. PankratStari Trg

MapSt. Ann’s ChurchLeskovec pri Krškem

MapSt. Apolonia’s church (Bezovica)Bezovica

MapSt. Catherine's Church in JelovoJelovo

MapSt. Clement or Lady of Health ChurchPiran

MapSt. Cross's Church in SvibnoSvibno

MapSt. Donat ChurchPiran

MapSt. Francis ChurchPiran

MapSt. George Parish ChurchPtuj

MapSt. Ivan’s and Paul’s church (Babiči)Babiči

MapSt. John's church in PocakovoPočakovo

MapSt. Joseph’s ChurchTrška Gora

MapSt. Laurence’s ChurchGora

MapSt. Margaret's church in JagnjenicaJagnjenica

MapSt. Martin's church in VrhovoVrhovo

MapSt. Nicholas churchVrba

MapSt. Paul’s church (Črnotoče)Črnotiče

MapSt. Peter´s ChurchŠempeter v Savinj.Dolini

MapSt. Peter’s ChurchBrestanica

MapSt. Peter's Church in RadečeRadeče

MapSt. Rocco ChurchPiran

MapSt. Rock’s and St. Sebastian’s church (Boršt)Boršt

MapSt. Stephen ChurchPiran

MapSt. Stephen’s ChurchNemška vas

MapSt. Valentine’s church (Črni kal)Črni Kal

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. KrižJurjevica

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. LenartNemška vas

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. PeterPrigorica

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. TomažVelike Poljane

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. TrojicaHrovača

MapSuccursal Church of the Name of MaryGoriča vas

Svetišče Marijino Celje

Synagogue Lendava

MapThe Capuchin Monastery, KrškoKrško

MapThe Chapel of the Holy Virgin of LourdesKoprivnica

MapThe Church of Holy TrinityVinji Vrh pri Semiču

MapThe Church of Mary the AscendedKoprivnica

MapThe Church of Saint MargarethPolzela

MapThe Church of Saint Mary in PonikvePonikve

MapThe Church of St. Ahac (Sv. Ahac) in PrilesjePlave

MapThe church of St. AndrewZgornje Jezersko

MapThe church of St. AntonŠpitalič

MapThe church of St. BassoKoper

The Church of St. Cantianus (Sv. Kancijan) in Britof

MapThe church of St. JernejKočevje

MapThe Church of St. John the EvangelistKrško

MapThe Church of St. Mary of the AssumptionKanal

MapThe Church of St. Michael the Archangel, KubedKubed

MapThe Church of St. Nicholas, GračiščeGračišče

MapThe church of St. PeterPiran

MapThe Church of St. Ulrich (Sveti Urh) in BovecBovec

MapThe Church of the Holy CrossPodbočje

MapThe Church of the Holy Trinity, HrastovljeHrastovlje

MapThe Church of the Holy VirginKrško

MapThe Mount of Olives - Gora OljkaPolzela

MapThe old chaplaincy, ŠtorjeŠtorje

MapThe parish Church of Mary’s Asumption, MovražMovraž

MapThe parish Church of St. Cantianius, TruškeTruške

MapThe parish Church of St. Cross, MarezigeMarezige

MapThe parish church of St. JudocDobrna

MapThe pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, GlemGlem

MapThe Rajhenburg Castle Romance and Gothic ChapelBrestanica

MapThe St. Benedict Catholic Church in Goričko, PrekmurjeKančevci

MapThe St. Rupert ChurchVidem

The succursal Church of Chorpus Christi

MapThe succursal Church of St. Martin, LaborLabor

MapThe succursal Church of St. Nazarius, GlemGlem

The succursal Church of St. Vitus

MapThe succursal Church of the Sacred Heart, SočergaSočerga

MapThe widest nut tree and the Church of the St. John theKočevska Reka

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Monasteries (19)
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Religious heritage (401)
Displayed hits: 1-50

MapBled, Island - The Church of the AssumptionBled

MapBogojina, Church of the AscensionBogojina


MapChurch of St. Nicholas (sv. Nikolaj), Provost's ChurchNovo Mesto

MapGornji Grad, Church of St. Mohor and St. FortunatusGornji Grad

MapJavorca, Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit (sv. Duh)Tolmin

MapKamnik, Mali grad Castle and Two-storey ChapelKamnik

MapKoper (Capodistria), the Cathedral of the Assumption (Stolnica Marijinega vnebovzetja)Koper

MapPilgrimage Centre with the Church of St. Mohor and St. Fortunatus and the Church of St. PeterStahovica

MapPleterje Carthusian MonasteryDrča

MapPtujska Gora ChurchPtujska Gora

MapPtujska Gora, Church of the Virgin Protectress (Marija Zaščitnica)Ptujska Gora

MapRibčev Laz, Church of St. John the Baptist (sv. Janez Krstnik)Ribčev Laz

MapStična, MonasteryStična

MapStolnica (Cerkev sv. Nikolaja) / The Cathedral (Church of St. Nicholas)Ljubljana

MapSveta Gora - Holy MountainSolkan

MapVršič, Russian ChapelKranjska Gora

MapBodešče, Church of St LeonardBodešče

MapCelje, Church of St. Daniel (sv. Danijel)Celje

MapCerkev Kristusovega učlovečenja / Church of Christ's IncarnationLjubljana

MapCerkev svetega Florijana (St. Florian Church)Ljubljana

MapChurch of St. John the BaptistŠkofja Loka

MapChurch of St. MichaelČrna vas

MapDomanjševci (Domonkosfa), Chapel of St. Martin (formerly St. Venceslav)Domanjševci

MapDvor pri Polhovem Gradcu, Church of St. PeterDvor pri Polhovem Gradcu

MapKoper (Capodistria), Church of the Carmelite Madonna (Cerkev Karmelske Matere božje)Koper

MapKoper (Capodistria), Rotunda of St. Elijah (sv. Elija), Church of the Assumption (Marijino vnebovzetje)Koper

MapKostanjevica monasteryNova Gorica

MapKranj, Church of St. Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla, and Protus (sv. Kancij, Kancijan, Kancijanila in Prot)Kranj

MapLeše above Prevalje, Ambience with the churches of St. Anne (sv Ana) and St. Volbenk (sv. Volbenk)Leše

MapLjubljana, Križanke - Knights of the Cross monastery (Križevniški samostan) and Summer TheatreLjubljana

MapNova Štifta, Church of the Assumption (Marijino vnebovzetje)Nova Štifta

MapPetrovče, Church of the VisitationPetrovče

MapPilgrimage Church of Mary on Sladka goraŠmarje pri Jelšah

MapPiran (Pirano), Church of St. Mary of the Snows (Marija Snežna)Piran

MapPiran, Baptistery of St. John the Baptist (sv. Janez Krstnik)Piran

MapPodljubelj, The Church of Sv. AnaPodljubelj

MapRosary ChurchKranj

MapSlovenj Gradec, Church of St. Elizabeth (sv. Elizabeta)Slovenj Gradec

MapSlovenj Gradec, Church of the Holy Spirit (Sv. Duh)Slovenj Gradec

MapSt. ArehŠmartno na Pohorju

MapSynagogue MariborMaribor

MapŠempetrska cerkev (Cerkev sv. Petra) / Šempeter Church (Church of St. Peter)Ljubljana

MapThe Church of Saint CrossKrižna Gora

MapThe church of St Leonard, Breg ob KokriBreg ob Kokri

MapThe Church of the Sad Mother of GodLeskovec pri Krškem

MapThe Franciscan MonasteryNovo Mesto

MapThe Franciscan Monastery of NazarjeNazarje

MapThe Franciscans monastery churchKoper

MapThe statue of Mary of SolčavaSolčava

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Museums and galleries (311)
Displayed hits: 1-50

MapLjubljana, Slovene Ethnographic MuseumLjubljana

MapMaribor Art GalleryMaribor

MapMuseum of modern artLjubljana

MapStična, MonasteryStična

MapAntonijev rov mine shaft - Idrija Mercury MineIdrija

MapArcheological museum Most na SočiMost na Soči

MapBaraga's homesteadKnežja vas

MapBase 20 - Open air MuseumPodstenice

MapBela Krajina Museum MetlikaMetlika

MapBlatni graben, Pantz's cable railwayNomenj

MapBrežice Posavski Regional MuseumBrežice

MapCastle GradGrad

MapCelje Regional MuseumCelje

MapCity Museum of LjubljanaLjubljana

MapCoal-mining Museum of SloveniaVelenje

MapCulture trail in Zgornja RadovnaZgornja Radovna

MapForma vivaPortorož

MapGallery of Contemporary Art CeljeCelje

MapJurčič Homestead, MuljavaMuljava

MapJurij HomesteadObčine

MapKluže FortressBovec

MapKobarid MuseumKobarid

MapLipikum - The Lipizzaner MuseumLipica

MapMuseum of Dolenjska, Novo mestoNovo Mesto

MapNational museum of contemporary historyLjubljana

MapPrem, Dragotin Kette's Birth House, Old SchoolPrem

MapPtuj Ormož Regional MuseumPtuj

MapRailway Museum of Slovenian railwaysLjubljana

MapRašica near Velike Lašče, Memorial House of Primož TrubarRašica

MapRogatec Open-air MuseumRogatec

MapSergej Mašera Maritime Museum, PiranPiran

MapSlom, Anton Martin Slomšek's Birth HouseUniše

MapSlovene Museum of natural historyLjubljana

MapSlovenian Fire-Fighters' Museum MetlikaMetlika

MapSlovenske Konjice, Square CoreSlovenske Konjice

MapStudor in Bohinj, Oplen House (Oplenova hiša)Studor v Bohinju

MapStudor in Bohinj, Village and HayracksStudor v Bohinju

MapSveti Peter, Tonina House (Tonina hiša)Sv.Peter

MapTolmin MuseumTolmin

MapTown HallKranj

MapTrebnje Gallery of Naive ArtistsTrebnje

MapVelenje MuseumVelenje

MapZavodnje, Kavčnik HomesteadZavodnje

MapApicultural Museum RadovljicaRadovljica

MapBreginj MuseumBreginj

MapBrewery MuseumLjubljana

MapBudnar HouseKamnik

MapCarinthian museum of Ravne na KoroškemRavne na Koroškem

MapCerkno MuseumCerkno

MapFrance Bevk homesteadZakojca

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Cemeteries (8)
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Culinary event (3)
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Cultural events (26)
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MapEaster Events in BledBled

Festive market

Krkavče - The smell of Istria

Map36th Idrija Lace FestivalIdrija

Map9th Istrian CarnivalPortorož

MapArtichoke Fest in StrunjanPortorož

MapChildrens' Festival "Zrno soli" (Grain of salt)Portorož

MapChristmas and New Year's MarketPortorož

MapDay of Roses "Portorož"Portorož

MapExhibition »Via Crucis in the Piran churches«Portorož

MapFestival "Sete sois sete luas"Portorož

MapFestival of wine and garlicPortorož

MapFestive December in Linhart SquareRadovljica

MapInternautica - International Boat ShowPortorož

MapIstrian Cycling MarathonPortorož

MapMeta Fajdiga, piano (Slovenia) & Armin Ćoralić, piano (Slovenia) - classical musicLjubljana

MapMIFF – International Mediterranean Folklore FestivalPortorož

MapNeptune's BaptismPortorož

MapNew Year's Afternoon with fireworksPortorož

MapNew Year's Afternoon with fireworksPortorož

MapNights of Portorož 2017Portorož

MapOlive oil and Chard festivalPortorož

MapRadovljica Ceramics Festival 2017Radovljica

MapSaltpans FeastPortorož

MapSparkling Wine FestivalPortorož

MapTartini festivalPortorož

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Archaeological site (28)
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Shrines and chapels (32)
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Pilgrimage trails (12)
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Libraries (17)
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Fair, business and promotion exhibition (3)
Displayed hits: 1-3

MapFarmers marketDolenjske Toplice

MapMonthly fair in Dolenjske TopliceDolenjske Toplice

MapSt. Gregory's fairLogatec

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Castles around Slovenia (96)
Displayed hits: 1-50

MapBogenšperk CastleBogenšperk

MapCelje, Celje Old CastleCelje

MapGrad in Goričko, Castle (Grad)Grad

MapKamnik, Little Castle (Mali grad)Kamnik

MapKozarišče, Snežnik, CastleKozarišče

MapLjubljanski grad (Ljubljana castle)Ljubljana

MapPodsreda, CastlePodsreda

MapPtuj CastlePtuj

MapBegunje na Gorenjskem, Castle and parkBegunje na Gorenjskem

MapBizeljsko, Orešje CastleBizeljsko

MapBorl, Borl CastleDolane

MapBrežice, CastleBrežice

MapCastel SevnicaSevnica

MapCastle GewerkeneggIdrija

MapKromberk, CastleKromberk

MapMala Loka ManorMala Loka

MapMaribor castleMaribor

MapMirna Castle - a Sleeping BeautyMirna

MapMokrice, Mokrice CastleRajec

MapMurska Sobota, CastleMurska Sobota

MapPišece, Village and CastlePišece

MapPredjama CastlePredjama

MapPrem CastlePrem

MapSlovenska Bistrica, CastleSlovenska Bistrica

MapSoteska ManorSoteska

MapŠkofja Loka, CastleŠkofja Loka

MapŠtanjel, CastleŠtanjel

MapŠtatenberg, Manor and GardenŠtatenberg

MapThe Kamen CastleNovo Mesto

MapTurjak CastleTurjak

MapVipolže, Villa VipolžeVipolže

MapŽužemberk CastleŽužemberk

MapCastle of Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapKhislstein ManorKranj

MapRibnica CastleRibnica

MapThe Grm CastleNovo Mesto

MapThe Hmeljnik CastleDolenje Karteljevo

MapThe Novi Dvor CastleNovo Mesto

MapThe Struga CastleGumberk

MapThe Vrbovec CastleNazarje

MapDobrna castle - Kačji gradLokovina

MapRavne castleRavne na Koroškem

MapSchrottenthurn ManorKranj

MapThe Graben castleNovo Mesto

MapCastle FridrihštajnKočevje

MapCastle Lože, Lože at VipavaLože

MapCastle Old SoteskaSoteska

MapCastle RožekPodturn pri Dol.Toplicah

MapCastle Slap, Slap at VipavaSlap

MapCastle StrmolDvorje

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