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Experience Slovenia as only some do. From the air, with a considerable level of adrenalin in the blood. Take a parachute and take your fate into your own hands and jump from the aircraft or take a launch by running at one of the magnificent slopes and fly over the country. Or you may simply fasten yourself to a paragliding instructor and admire Slovenia from above in the safe protection of a professional paraglider. However, if you prefer classical activities, explore the country from above by taking a panorama or acrobatic flight.  

Panorama Flights and Acrobat Flights

There are 13 sports airfields in Slovenia which are scattered all over the country from where you can take off on a flight above Slovenia. The most popular sports airfields include Lesce na Gorenjskem, the Skoke Airport in Maribor and Rakičan Airport near Murska Sobota, and guests are smiling when leaving the remaining ten sports fields. Some sports airports provide flight schools and some provide helicopter flights.

Panorama flights usually last for half an hour but they may be extended and adapted to your needs. You may enjoy a bird's eye view when flying over Triglav, above the sea or by crossing the Pannonian Basin and you may fly over the state borders.

If you wish to cross the limits of your own comfort zones, make a decision and take an adrenaline-boosting acrobatic flight. Various manoeuvres and figures carried out by highly-qualified pilots, you may experience the acceleration of up to 300 km per hour and forces of over 5G. Recommended only to the daring and healthy.

       Parachuting in Bohinj, photo: Uroš Novak, Turizem Bohinj


Parachute Jumps

Are you a parachutist? Your list of parachute jumps will not be full until Slovenia is added on it. Bring a valid licence in parachute jumping, go on one of sports airfields, have a chat with local parachutists, put on all the necessary equipment, wait for the aircraft to take you 4000 m high up into the sky and JUMP! Is there any way to feel your life better than during a free fall?

You may agree with local parachute societies to take you on parachute jumps over the Pannonian Basin or you may explore Gorenjska region and the Alps from the air during your free fall and it seems wonderful to be falling down towards Karst skin holes or the rolling hills of Dolenjska.


Tandem parachute jumps

You may experience Slovenia in a free fall by fastening yourself to an instructor with whom you will skydive in a tandem. No previous knowledge is needed for this activity, the adventurous spirit and a desire for new experiences are enough, coupled with cheerful spirits about which we are sure will not be lacked at all.

Before the jump, you will be properly prepared and motivated by instructors who jump with you in a tandem skydive so that the last worries and doubts are released and you are relaxed.

A tandem jump is from an altitude of approximately 4,000 metres and the freefall lasts approximately 60 seconds. Your experienced instructor ensures you make a safe landing. Your tandem skydive can be filmed by a cameraman who jumps almost simultaneously with you. Some operators give you the chance to enrol in skydiving school.


Independent Paragliding or Tandem Paragliding

There are many activities you may pursue in the Slovenian hills and mountains. With your paragliding equipment on your back you may launch from many slopes and fly over the valley as a bird. If you are an experienced paraglider, you may go on your own to Krvavec or Vogel which are known to be two of the launch sites with the best panorama or you go to another site and enjoy the adrenalin-full moments of peace.

If you wish to fly your paraglider over Slovenia and you have neither experience nor knowledge, your wish will come true by turning to one of numerous paragliding instructors who will go on an unforgettable experience with you in a tandem.


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